I’m quite fond of the establishment. Why? Rocking 80’s tunes, nice gin garden out the back, good food to go with your drinks. Every time I come here, I have a good time, it might be considered the suity venue what with the location right in the middle of the city but the demographic is pretty diverse.

So they celebrated their 13th birthday with a rocking Future themed party and this seemed like a good opportunity to do a writeup.

PACCCKED. and it was free drinks for everyone for 3 hours.

Blues, Pinks and Purples. Its normally a warm yellow wash.

The Establishment is one big space divided into 2 areas, with a huge central island bar so you’ll normally not be hard pressed to grab a drink in a timely fashion. The gin garden area has plenty of cosy seating, has greenery and lots of bamboo and a nice space with Corinthian columns and exposed unfinished walls, a glass canopy so you’re not indoors but still sheltered. There’s a small gin/drink bar at the side. They make a good Hendricks + Tonic.


Daft punk futurism. Dancers in suits and face mask tap dancing. These guys were great.

Mad Max Futurism.

Neo Hulas

Can’t tell if its David Guetta. I thought it was.


Didn’t manage to take any photos of the drinks and food tonight: Had too much fun.

Menu canapés:

Crumbed prawn cutlet with dipping sauce
Salmon/tomato canapé with prawn roe. These were amazing.
Cheese foam tartlet


Establishment Gin Garden mixologists. Blue coloured cocktail of some ilk – blue lagoon? Tasted lycheeish. I dug it.

We all had a great night and as you can tell from that geordi leoford (star trek) guy boogieing on the dance floor; he had a smasher of an evening from the look of things. The party rocked and the dancers were amazing. Quite an incredible event this was, Establishment’s birthday party.

Justin hemmes and crew threw this incredible free event. Yes its free. Wowzers

Polite in Public was present and here’s a link to the photobooth shenanigans.

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