Located inside the Eastern and also accesible from within Westfields Bondi is El Topo Mexican; a pretty fantastic and wildly popular venue out in Bondi. We dropped in on a very stormy Friday night and had a really great time. What can be said about El Topo? Food, Service, Booze were all on point. There basically wasn’t an empty table anywhere tonight and that’s probably a testament to its popularity with the locals. We’re really glad we discovered them via their invitation to drop in for their 2nd Birthday.

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We actually entered via the lift from Goodtime Burgers and this is where we came out at.

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Various shots of the venue. Its a colourful and well done affair looking cantinaish with a great feel. The area near the kitchen was a buzzy long communal table and then there’s the rusticated booths made out of bits of timber planks. It’s well done and fun. Each booth is a bit different and we loved the attention to detail here

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A look a their menu  – They also had certain cocktails by the Jugs which Michael noticed and of course the option to have Mezcal or Tequila as your pick me up of choice in the drinks.

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Eltopo has a few different type of magaritas – here we picked a chili, coconut and a regular ones.  Went with Tequila in these and with 2 shots each to start – its a happy fun time.
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More cocktails.

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Nachos and Grilled corn to start – There was a fair whack of char on the corn and the combination was smokey and delicious.

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CEVICHE DE PEZ REAL (kingfish ceviche, achiote, watermelon, radish & fingerlime) – We picked this dish for the watermelon and it came beautifully presented. The black cubes are also water melon that had been coloured. A real winner at $16.

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We had the Eltopo tacos – Pork, softshell crab, lamb, chicken and we really liked these. So many places in Sydney use that factory made thick and floury tortillas and the tacos here were in a nice soft taco and there was also abundant softshell crab in that taco. Very very good.

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Barbacoa De Costilla De Res – 12 Hour Beef Short Rib, Barbacoa Sauce, PIckled Cabbage & Baby Onion $32
This came covered in barbacoa and looked like a chocolate bar but this was such a great main – super duper tender and fantastic. One of our favourite eats tonight. The serve was good for sharing if you ordered 2 mains – and plenty for 1.

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Panza De Cerdo Con Manchamanteles (Pork Belly, Mole Manchamanteles & Pickled Pineapple) $26
Can never say no to Pork Belly and the El topo pork belly main had loads going for it with crunch clusters of (oat/walnuts), tangy pineapple and succulent pork.

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Probably one of the best desserts we’ve had this year. FLAN ROTO DE COCO CON CHOCOLATE Y CAJETA (smashed flan of coconut, single origin Mexican chocolate hazelnut &
goats milk caramel) was so good that right after we had this, we ordered another. Its pretty simple but the flavours just worked, with good caramel and chocolate flavours. Hazelnuts added a need textural play to the cold flan.We adored it. It’s  mix of creamy magical melt in your mouth flangasm.

Eltopo Mexican - Bondi Junction (12)
We also had their cactus salad, a Ceviche De Vierias Con Pepino (Scallop, Cucumber, Charred Corn, tomato, Chile & Lime) $16 and Huitlacoche Y Hongos Mexican Truffle, Mushroom, Salsa Verde & Queso Oaxaqueno $15. Plantain chips on the top left ($6) very nice also. Crispy and well spiced.
Dinner at El topo was great. From the buzzy fun vibe, to the great wait staff and delicious drinks and eats. It should be noted that Eltopo’s drink list is extensively large as well – with a large selection of tequila/mezcal and mexican beers. This is an easy recommend. The price guide for their food is casual and affordable with generous portions. Combo that with the great cocktails and that magical flan (Oh how we loved it) is testament to how 2 years in. Eltopo is still packed and managed a full house on an evening where a storm bucketed all over. Hit this. This modern Mexican joint is great. It gets the fave tag for dessert. Just wow.
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