Easy Tiger’s a bit of a curiosity – its a 70’s dive bar down the stairs at Oxford Street’s The Unicorn and its a mid sized bar, complete with kitschy artwork, graffiti, 70’s decor and half lamps. Upon entering the Unicorn, you’ll see Easy Tiger’s entry stairs. The vibe is laid back hang out cool in that 70s shimminess. Groovy Babyy.


Elton John on the piano with the candied stripes.


DJ playing funking tunes with Clockwork Orange on that telly


throw back lounges and couches here and disco balls galore.


Our Buddy Mike Watt’s painted this blonde thang. Check him out @mike__watt on instagram. Love his work


Wednesday nights, there’s a wait staff on rollskates skating round the venue.


The adjoins the side of the stairs and on the other side is the kitchen


Its a 70s love shack with matching table coverand wallpaper. Bit of a shag rug there too. The big chaise lounge can sit two so you can have a love in.


Pumpkin Tartlets

Devilled Eggs. Very 70s .


Cocktails – Weird Mexican, Burtreynolds and a Rocklobster.

EasyTiger has live music (check their facebook) and we rather enjoyed our time at their EasyTigerBlock Party and it was good to see the 70’s vibe alive and well. I think they really should have had Austin Powers on that TV because the sensibilities there of “Groovy Baby” wouldn’t be amiss here. There’s bacon fat popcorn to be had and burlesque shows. But you gotta check their FB page to see what’s a happening here.



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