So, its finally open. 407 king street. I used to live up the road at 359 king and used to walk down and would occasional buy meats from here. Betta Meats is long gone and I adore the fact that Earl’s Juke Joint has taken over, and has rather cleverly kept the old shopfront making for a rather incognito small bar – a lot of them are but this is something else all together. If you didn’t see the queue, the only sign that Earl’s is here is the licensee notice on the door and the bouncer. So what’s behind the doors?


One of the things you’ll note about Earl’s is the abundance of picture frames hanging on the walls – with images of black musicians on their instrument and pics of the ilk. Earl’s is the southern/new orleans joint (with the flags, music and zinc roofing ceiling sheet). Its quite amusing that in the space of about 1 month, there’s miss peaches at the new Marly (southern) and now Earl’s also southern in Newtown. Is the south rising? Seems so.


A glance at the bar, and the juicer. This will be familiar if you’ve been to shady pines or Baxter Inn. Its a big long bar facing a grand wall of booze. The entire bar is a nice bit of well put together bit of wood. They clearly put some effort into setting it up.


The other end of Earl’s.


New Orleans flag on the wall. you can make out the space back to the front area’s lacy curtain.


Another look at the bar. The long lineal space is basically one long bar. Its a packed house.



Phife Dawg $10 Hobo’s Drink $10 Some cocktail $17 ( I need to start taking notes). Good cocktails. The Phife Dawg is the one with the sugarcane bark in it.

Earl’s was going off when I went (after Tsuru’s popup around 10pm). Be prepared to wait for tables to open up or head in earlier to land a table. The back area had ample seating but again, it was a full house. There was newtownies dancing at the back and the atmosphere was rambunctious in a good way. Drinks were good and Julian the mixologist/bar guy was quite friendly (we got to talking about how a lot of newtown locals would come in and talk about how they used to buy their meats from here (like me) and were saddened when the business folded) – there’s a real local/newtown flavour here – you can after all get Young Henrys. The drinks were good. There didn’t seem to be food and a friend echoed today that they needed food and the experience would be complete.

Earl’s Juke Joint is vibey and worth checking out as it has definitely inherited some of the best attributes of shadys+baxter. Great service and great drinks. Gotta dig that some of their cocktails are $10 – when some craft beers are now going for $9 a bottle in some joints. The crowd tonight was mixed and don’t let anyone tell you this is a hipster bar. It was anything but.

Revisit Post (17/08/13)


Dropped back into EJJ tonight with my mate because he fancied checking it out. They have $4 tap beers (a middy Resch’s), and I ordered a Phif Dawg ($10) and a Pina Colada ($17). The latter was a biggish pina colada and ice cold. I did get brain freeze slurping it. Good. It wasn’t as manic, We walked in without queuing, and sat at the bar.We did go around 7.30pm. Still packed to the rafters with a great atmosphere and lots of people enjoying themselves. Stayed for an hour or so and enjoyed it.

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  1. TheJugernaut

    Hiyall, yes, definitley check this place out. Try to get in earlier tho :) And also check out LOBO PLANTATION which is now almost my favourite. ;) Its really nice.