Located on the same stretch of street that houses Merivale’s Miss G’s is this non descript chinese hole in the water. Was told to come meet a friend here for lunch. The curb appeal is non existent and the shop is tiny; its about 2.5M across in a seriously well packed (tightly furnished shop) – hence the lack of photos as the camera couldn’t take much in. Need a wide angle lens! The fitout is fairly simple with hanging fabric and chinese lamps.

The fried dumplings seen above came out looking rather fancy; they’d put that in a pan, and then it crusted up to form a rather doilly like mesh around the dumplings. crispy. The filling was good too. $12

The boiled dumplings were the same; but boiled and also fairly decent when dipped in soy/vinegar/chilli. $12


this hung from the roof.


Overall, this was a decent meal. Its a bit of a hike up from anywhere so its probably best for Potts Point locals craving a chinese dumpling fix. Otherwise, CNH in chinatown is cheaper and offers a hell of a lot more bang for the buck. Location wise, the latter is also a tad more accessible than racing up to the cross.
The shop is so tiny, you can’t help but wonder what the kitchen is like. Can get busy and it has limited seats so be prepared to wait for a seat during peak dinner hours.

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