[Media Dinner] Dragoncello is a venue that’d we’d previously visited for dinner – Its a mixture of winebar and modern Australian (read the review here) and we’re back this time to scout out Dragoncello Upstairs as Chef Roy Mcveigh opens the upstairs for an ala carte dining experience. The space here is a rougher more rustic feeling venue with exposed rafters and a large space that seats 30-40. Expect the excellent cocktails from downstairs here and Dragoncello has a great winelist at that.

Dragoncello Upstairs (5)
Dragoncello Upstairs (1)
Dragoncello Upstairs (10)
The table setup is arranaged in a line for the private event but its normal configuration is more restaurant

Dragoncello Upstairs (3)
Piper Heidsieck Champagne.

Dragoncello Upstairs (4)
Sashimi of ocean trout with lemon myrtle gel and coastal plants – there’s a little bit of the foraged on this plate of fresh sashimi with the lemon myrtle adding a floral note.

Dragoncello Upstairs (9)
Chicken ballotine, chickweed, crispy pigs ear, pickled jellyfish and sweet basil. Look at the picture and you’ll miss the pickled jellyfish which really sits more on the end of a Chinese dinner but herr it is with pig ears and chicken. Its a curious inclusion. Chicken was perfectly cooked with a nicely rendered skin – you can see just how thin it is in the picture. Pig Ears added textural crunch and the fresh edamame was bright.

Dragoncello Upstairs (6)
Dragoncello Upstairs (2)
Pea Mousse with its own leaves, flowers, candy bacon parmesan broth. This came with a broth that got poured on, had plenty of great fresh pea flavours, amazing flavours here.

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Video of the candy bacon parmesan broth being poured onto the dish

Dragoncello Upstairs (8)

Dragoncello Upstairs (7)
Dragoncello’s Signature potato chip cake $16
We kind of looked at this and went wut is this. But this was a winner of a dessert – very interesting with great flavours. What’s on the plate: a bit of cake which reminded us of banana bread, sour cream snow – a richly delicious salted caramel – dolloped just enough to not overwhelm and potato chips. Its hilariously good.

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