Dragoncello at 466 Cleveland street is the newest bar/restaurant in Surry Hills and we dig this. Its an intimate venue – with an upstairs dining room to open later but what we have here is an appealing bar dishing up great cocktails, an impressive winelist and some tasty eats.

Dragoncello Surry Hills (11)
Dragonello is an appealing looking joint. Simply finished with a nice bar and bottles of wine on display.

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Dragoncello Surry Hills (5)
Bartender Bobby Aygodan making cocktails. We’re getting a Bobby Dazzler and a Penicillin.

Dragoncello Surry Hills (17)
The “Penicillin” – honey water, whisky, lemon juice, ginger liqeur.

Dragoncello Surry Hills (8)
Cocktail Eva ordered when my back was turned

Dragoncello Surry Hills (9)
A bartender special – a Bobby Dazzler, featuring pedro Ximenez, tequila whisky, angostura bitter.

Dragoncello Surry Hills (14)
Sommelier Stuart showing us a bottle of artisanal champagne.

Dragoncello Surry Hills (6)
This is a stone and wood ale with Amer Biere quinine in it. It added an orangey spicy note that made it a really delicious treat.

Dragoncello Surry Hills (2)
Dragoncello Surry Hills (20)
Some nice wines here at Dragoncello.

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Dragoncello Surry Hills (1)
Dragoncello Surry Hills (21)
We have a couple of the entrees from Dragoncello – and all these were great. Tawny port and poultry pate with spiced pane epics and chamomile jelly was a winning $11 and so good. The salted eel croquettes with zesty chimi churri were pillowy and delicious. Not pictured but also amazing were the jacketpotatoes with sydney rock oyster mayo ($4??!!). Loved it all.

Dragoncello Surry Hills (7)
Dragoncello Surry Hills (13)
Dragoncello Surry Hills (15)
Mains  – we had the a chicken ballotine wrapped in bacon with shitake mushroom and their 48 hour beef flank. Both restaurant quality (this was their bar menu eats).  Bacon fans will rejoice at that chicken main.

Dragoncello Surry Hills (10)
Dessert was a Basil icecream with fresh strawberries and basil seeds. Interestingly, the strawberries were grown at Chef Roy’s garden (He has 3) and these were from the one in north sydney.

Dragoncello Surry Hills (12)
Dragoncello Surry Hills (16)
Dragoncello Surry Hills (19)

Dragoncello is an appealing smartly put together venue with interesting food, a great wine list, great cocktails and  really fantastic entrees (lets call them bar eats). The pricing on the entrees is on the side of ridiculously cheap and that pate is why you’d hit this side of Cleveland. It really is great. Once the sun has set a little and the venue warmed up and they cranked the tunes – Dragoncello was a nice spot to sit and spend an evening; a perfect date night sort of venue. Its intimate and we enjoyed our evening here. With a great team behind the venue – Roy, Stuart and Bobby. Thanks for the invite. We’ll be back soon.

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  1. bel @ Mums Take Five

    I like the look of the food and drinks, sounds and looks like a great place but i would so go there just because of the light fittings … is that wrong ? lol
    Thanks for contributing this post to The Sunday Brunch Magazine!
    All the best,
    Bel x