Dough Boy Newtown is located at the start of King Street Newtown. They do pretty great pizzas and I order from them a bit. The store looks nice from the street with the abundant use of red but I’ve never sat in and dined here. Thought it was time to do a write up and visit the store. Dough Boy Newtown sits at 30 King and is a simple enough pizzeria that probably sits about 20 max. Its small, decently kitted out (pizza dish lamps + Tomato sauce can wallpaper) and it makes the most of the space that its allotted. I do think if it lost the horrible marketing brochures on that wall in the photo below, it’d be a lot nicer. :P I get the need for it though, they do a lot of deliveries.


M,L,XL pizzas.


This time round, we ordered the chicken pizza (HOT CHICK) $21 and the Peri Prawn Pizza $22 (with a wedge of lemon)

I personally prefer thin based pizzas, just less doughy and more focused on the ingredients at hand. As is, both pizzas here were ladened with the ingredients that they should come with and the taste was great. It was fresh, tasty and neither were overtly ladened with cheese.  You can see from the pictures that you might be paying a bit more than chain store pizzas but you’re going to be getting fresh basil and sizable hunks of ingredients. There was 2 of us and M and I both polished off the pizzas. Not a crumb left.
Good pizzas these.

Its premium pizza like crust. Well worth the money.

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