As we prep this post – we tried looking for the KJI chicken burger and the yummy sakuma salmon dish we had about 1 month before we hit Devon by Nights  – yes, with venues we love here at Jugs – there are return visits and the endorsement rings true. So when the invite came for an evening at Devon for their night launch, we were stoked. Devon by Night takes everything you love about the food here and expands on it with a more rounded dinner orientated menu.

Bit of a thai styled salad – with green mango, apple, prawn and scallop ceviche. These came with a platter of wonton skins – which you piled the good stuff on and ate with.

Tuna, avocado, clear tomato jelly – fresh tuna is a favourite, its so easy to eat and here the combination of tangy, fresh and the fat in the avocado works.

Devon’s $15 lobster rolls  – each has 50 grams approximate of lobster. Its tight with kewpie mayo and crunchy radish.

Fresh Baby corn with coffee, miso

Chargrilled prawns with a Hokkein Mee flavour was nice. Go on, suck on the heads.

KJI chicken – like the version from the chicken burger, these had very nice crunchy coating. And great tasting sauce with it. Could easily have had a bucket of these.

A standout of the evening was the truffled egg custard chawanmushi – jiggly, punches of flavour from the goji and mushroom bits in there. Its fantastic.

Beef Shortribs. Unlike most diners, we might have preferred the side there of a too spicy tomato salsa to the beef. If only for the “wow what are they doing here?” moment when the tomato salsa packed a punch.

Steamed shroom parcel was a surprise favourite. Light, oodles of flavour.

Tamarind popsicle is odd and interesting. Its an uncommon flavour and I gotta say, with it tangy quality, probably makes for a better entree/amuse.

Great reds. Yes, the close second best thing on the night menu is the addition of beverages to your meal. Tick. And Tick.

Here’s a look at their drinks menu – and yup, Marrickville’s Batch Brewery represents.


Devon is a venue we rather enjoyed and we’ve been back since the OG visit. Its testament to the strength of the food that we’re excited that its now open in the evenings – how often can you make it to surryhills for lunch. The pleasurable and smart food that they served up has been tweaked for dinner and we can’t wait to return. Devon won #bestofsydney for best breakfast and we’re more than excited to see what Zacharay Tan and team does with the rest of the menu for night – There’s a post for the alt media best breakfast post here

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