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[Invite]  Potts Point houses some institutional restaurants, tucked away in old townhouses, giving them a homely atmosphere and keeps locals coming back again and again. This is exactly how the guys at Delhi by the Way want to become known, for their traditional Delhi style street food served in a more fine dining setting. As the region transitions from nightlife to restaurant and small bars courtesy of the Lockout law, this fits right into the new economy in the area.

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Hidden just off the main strip in Kings Cross it’s quiet apart from the atmospheric Indian tunes playing in the background. The restaurant is spacious, with the owners deciding to spread tables out and have customers enjoy a long leisurely meal, with a couple of tables on the front porch, while at the very back of the restaurant a private dining area is available for eight to ten in the garden room. Its an intimate space made for parties, birthdays and celebratory bookings.

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Plain poppadums ($2.90). They are fresh and crispy and best with the mint sauce, which we drown the poppadums in.

When it comes to our entrees we go to pick up our knives and forks. “Eat with your hands, it tastes much better,” were told and they’re not wrong. For entrees we opt for the Onion Bhaji ($7.90) a classic Indian treat served on cold rainy days to warm you up. They are the biggest and most generous serve of these onion fritters that we have had, and served with a drizzle of mint sauce and date chutney. The date chutney is sweet and smoky, having an almost bbq sauce like flavour.

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Set aside some of that date chutney to accompany the Pudhina Chaap ($23.90 for 4) the Tandoori Lamb Chops with a side of mint sauce. Again a generous portion size, the Pudhina Chaap are beautifully tender and lightly spiced as to not overpower the lamb.

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Moving onto mains, we stick to the all time crowd pleaser Murgh Makhni, better known as Butter Chicken ($21.90) which isn’t sweet as most butter chickens are, rather the creamy sauce tastes like burnt butter, with chunky smoky pieces of chicken. It’s a deliciously different take on a classic. The Saag Paneer ($18.90) is a fantastic main for vegos and meat eaters alike. The Paneer is a Indian cottage cheese serves in a baby spinach curry that is thick and tasty.

The sauce is best mopped up with some Tandoori roti ($2.90) or some cheese and shallot naan ($5.90) which makes the naan fresh and light.

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Often Indian desserts will start and end with Galab Jamun, so when we see something different it’s a must try. The Ras Malai ($6.90) is a cheesecake soaked in saffron and milk syrup and topped off with crushed pistachios. The cheesecake is almost like a soft cheese texture and sweet and creamy with the syrup.

Delhi by the Way is a terrific hidden gem, not even a minute from the hustle and bustle of Kings Cross, but creating a relaxing atmosphere that makes a fantastic date spot and an even better place group gathering to devour some Delhi specialties.

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Delhi by the Way Potts Point
42 Kellett Street, Potts Point

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Post by Rachael Sparks.