Darlie Laundromatic located on Palmer Street in Darlinghurst has been gone for a while. In between the transitions between owners, there was a fire in the venue and its taken a while for them to clean up and rework the space. If you’ve been to Darlie Laundromatic before, the new iteration is a sleekly mature small bar housed in a townhouse. There’s plenty to like here, comfy lounges and seats out front and even a backyard space where they grow the mint used at the bar (now we want one for our backyard).

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Lights on, Bar’s Open. The facade’s the same and if you didn’t know a small bar was here, well, now you do.

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Inside is effusive blue and orange cast –  you’ll note the legacy taps along the one wall. They’re a holdover from the venue’s past as a laundromat. Naff.

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Wandering down the back, you’ll get to the bar. Its a well stocked bar with lots on offer. We spot Tequila Arrette, Melbourne Gin and more.

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Wander to the backyard and you’ll get a space for 10. It a nice outdoor setting and the clothesline/washing drying mural reminds you of the “laundromat”.

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A look at some of the beer range that’s here at Darlie Laundromatic. There’s Sierra Nevada and a couple of craftbeers. That rogue hazelnut one is pretty good drinking.

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A look at the Darlie Laundromatic cocktail Menu. It’s a short list but you can always ask for one of the classic drinks. We loved that most were under $14 with the grapefruit Martini coming in at $16.

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(L) Pomegranate Mojito $13 – Mount Gay White Rum, French Pomergranate liquer with fresh limes, pomegranate (R) Grapefruit Martini $16– vermouth, orange bitters, belvedere vodka, fresh grapefruit.

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Mezcal Old Fashioned $14 – Agave Syrup, Tequila Arette Reposado and Mezcal Amores. A delicious smoky Mezcal cocktail.

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Fireball Sour $13 – Cinnamon infused Whiskey and Raspberry. A too easy funtime drink that just about everyone will love.

Darlie Laundromat is a intimate styled smallbar; we liked it heaps and the cocktails were priced right. There’s a plentiful selection of beers and a good selection of wines at $7. Dropped in after dinner so there wasn’t much scope for eats but there’s sliders and charcuterie boards on offer. The front area’s comfy lounge sette is the bar hotspot being a comfortable loungey barhopper heaven. A skip and hop from Mr Crackles too. Relaxing.


Darlie Laundromatic

304 Palmer St Darlinghurst, NSW 2010

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