Daily Noodle Fastfood. Real Chinese Food. I come to the DNFF restaurants not often enough imo. It truly can be described as the divey end of chinatown. Its not for the faint of heart and you’ll see what I mean when you get there.

At a glance, the word you’d use to describe the shop is feral. They half painted this joint years ago; its not finished properly so it looks wrong. The furnishing is authentically old school asian, there’s crap everywhere in the entry area. You walk up a short flight of stairs, and with any luck, you get a seat, there’s a little cold fridge where you can get cold plates – $3/4 with oddities like tongue/seaweed. I don’t bother

Stir fried green beans with pork and chilli with rice. $7.50 Substantial mound of food. lots of heat.

braised beef with hand made noodles. This dish is what I come here for. This and the shredded chicken in noodle soup – both dishes I just mentioned can also be had with rice in the soup. or dry on rice. The braised beef is cooked in some sort of star anise soup. Its suitably briney and flavoursome. When you have the chicken noodle soup version, its also substantial and tasty

The best thing about DNFF is that it is so cheap, the small dish is $6.50 (filling) and the large is a dollar more at $7.50. (gut busting). absolutely gut busting. I really need to eat more from their menu but their staple is so good, thats all I eat.

super cheap. you can panhandle and eat like a king. Just ignore how squallid it can look.


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