Clubhouse Rosebery is quite an interesting venue. It’s located in a bit of a funny location on a throughfare sort of street in an almost industrial area (athough there’s heaps of apartment being built and it’s over character will change). And housed in the same complex as the Surf Life Association. We’ll probably not have known about this if not for the invite to try the food . It is need to know (and you’re now in the know club) and once you’ve wrangled you way here, it’ll surprise you with food that is really quite nice and then some. This is a bit of a dark horse. What you’ll find here is a smartly finished venue, rather jolly good food cooked by talented chefs at great razors edge prices and a very competent cocktail list here. Peekaboo Bar - Woolloomooloo-2 Peekaboo Bar - Woolloomooloo-1

Inside, Clubhouse is finished very well, with an impressive looking fitout that upon enquiry has sustained it over 15 months and you really won’t be able to tell. It still looks very sharp and nice. They did a great job on the fitout. Hadn’t aged.

Peekaboo Bar - Woolloomooloo-10

Lunch at a glance

Peekaboo Bar - Woolloomooloo-12 Peekaboo Bar - Woolloomooloo-11  Peekaboo Bar - Woolloomooloo-9 Peekaboo Bar - Woolloomooloo-8 Peekaboo Bar - Woolloomooloo-7

Polenta Chips $8, Fish of the day $24, Cauliflower Salad $16, Smoked Ocean Trout special $19 and a dual serve of their sashimi taco $12.

If you look closely at the food here, its appealing finished and cooked perfect. The only dish we thought was iffy and didn’t engage with was the overly seasoned cauliflower salad which to our palete tasted like too much vinaigrette and any inherent taste of the cauliflower was masked by the acid and tang in the dressing. Too much tang although fellow dinner Khalil thought it was great. It’s a niggle aside because the rest of the eats we had were pretty great. Polenta chips that rivalled Bloodwood’s (our benchmark still), Ocean Trout main was beautifully cooked, skin rendered down and crispy and presentation fantastic. Similarly the slightly smaller cured ocean trout dish with miso dressing was great with a asian twist, ocean tang and soft buttery flesh you could cut with a spoon. Tacos were also great with ample filling of good eating ceviche and rather crispy shells.

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Clubhouse also has a very well established bar and an array of cocktails to imbibe. We noted mocktails on that menu as well.  We had what was essentially their version of an espresso martini – Havana Club Rum, Frangelico, Bacardi Rum; with a twist of Coconut cream. Creamy smooth. Real good.

Clubhouse surprised on all fronts. With well priced eats and a rather lovely fitout. It’s one we can see ourselves coming back to.