Located at 35 Oxford Street is Claire’s Kitchen. Its a tastefully decorated french resto with top class service, supremely gracious wait staff and excellent food.


A look at the bar and the fantastically finished venue. We sat at the bar for about 15-20 minutes (not realising at any time we could go to our table) and the bartender was super friendly, and got us tasting some really nice french beer which they had on tap. It just felt easy.


Booth that easily sits six.


Look back outside. Chequered floors and fancy victorian chairs and wingbacks. Its all rather tasteful.


starter – beef tartare. Beautiful dish. well seasoned, good selection of ingredients to mix into the beef.


Foie in a jar. with a side of onion relish and some toasted bread to go alongside. This was nice. There’s also some mini pickles which you can see in the corner.


Lambshanks and cous cous. Tender meat that slides off the bone. Went well with the cous cous, really delicious.


Pork belly on lentils. Crackling was superb and the pork belly was outstanding.


A side of fries. Don’t seem very french it kind of it.


Dessert platter. The wait staff actually brings this out to your table and you get to pick what you’d like in terms of a dessert finisher.

Dinner at CK was an easy fantastic dining experience. Everything about the meal was outstanding – from the top tier service to the excellent food to the venue which was just classy enough without feeling too stuffy. Great food and great service. Happy to head back here anytime.

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