Rocked up this arvo for a burgetime lunch with M. Chur Burger is located at number 48 Albion street and its a really good feed and nets Surry Hills another awesome eatery in a 1 city block radius (see also el loco and reuben hills). Head up Albion and Chur is housed in a pale white/blue corner building.


We got here at 1.10 and it wasn’t really busy. Then after we placed our orders and mid meal, the place just filled up. The inside is minimal and looks nice and new. I do feel like its missing something. Not quite sure what it is but the space was just a big room with tables. The back wall’s white thing on the walls could easily have been a mural and added some panache. The only observation. You can sit on buckets and eat on the bar counter looking out.


The kitchen is going and there are open flames and the place never fills out with smoke and its all rather effective. Busy lunch service.


A look at the menu. The $5 soft drink is a bit ah. They’re happy to give a bottle of table water and cups. Huge plus. Burgers are $10. and sides $5. Cheap and great value. Didn’t try the milkshake but the $8 don’t seem bad.


Various sauces on the table. Didn’t end up needing any of it. Burgers were …


Lamb burger. $10. Mint Sauce, Feta, onion, aioli. Burger bun was grilled, yet still tender and soft. The lamb worked great with the aioli and the feta inside made this whole burger supremely good eating. $10 bucks? 10 bucks? You know that famous place with the tiny $14 cheese burgers? This is GREAT! This harkens back to Plan B’s burger but possibly better!


Thing of Beauty!


Fish burger $10. Pickled cucumber, lemon mayo and dill. Okay. This was outstanding. Inhaled it. A super sophis fillet o fish.



Sweet Potato Fries. $5. Largeish serve. Well good. Make sure you order this. Just the right amount of seasoning. Sweet, savoury, salty. Perfectly complemented the meal.

Notice how I said there were condiments but we didn’t need any of it? The burger and the sides were such good eating that there really wasn’t a need for it. Chur Burger is outstanding. M+I both loved it. And the portions were substantial enough that I felt full for ages after. The wait staff who heralded us in and told us how you ordered was efficient in clearing the table – the venue is buzzy and we had a great lunch

Chur Burger. Great.

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  1. Ramen Raff

    You are totally right! No need to add anything as every burger/wings is full of awesomness already. Love the beef burger! Such a great take on a classic cheeseburger. Hands down my favourite place for burgers.

  2. TheJugernaut

    Hi all, thanks for commenting. Yeah, food is good. I can’t wait to head back. Was roaming the CBD today for eats and kept thinking, maybe I can powerwalk up to Surryhills.

  3. Amanda@ChewTown

    Sara (Belly Rumbles) and I had lunch here yesterday! It really was fabulous. The burger prices are amazing for what you get. We had the cheeseburger (amazeballs) and the pulled pork burger (great too). I agree about the ambiance, could’ve have done with a pop of colour. It was heaving when we got there at 12:30 so the word is definitely getting out.

  4. Sara @bellyrumbles

    I loved the burgers. Went with Ms Amanda (comment above) and we happily shared our burgers. The beef was the winner for me.

  5. TheJugernaut

    Hello amanda+sara, Haven’t had the beef. I’m keen to head up but so many places to hit :) The competition for best bang for your buck for a tenner is heating up. I really want to try their dessert being a fiend for sweets.