One of my favourite place to eat in chinatown. The other one is up the escalator, round the back and way divier (braised beef in soup with rice/or noodles) and I’ll get to that soon I hope but CHR is so so so good. Its super cheap for the huge serves, so there’s always a queue but the staples here: the dumplings, the hand made noodles are excellent. and if you’re thinking value proposition, seriously can’t be beat.



They’ve updated the deceipt wall hangings (FRESH!) and dusted or replaced that lovely ceiling hung grapes but the venue is still grotto *love* and the vibe still great.





On the menu tonight: Flat Hand made noodles, cooked with chicken. I didn’t really look at the menu but this showed up; and it was a fantastic eat. We didn’t ask them to cut the strands so the whole thing was a mess of long strands but the sauce was soy/vinegar mix (?) and was really delicious to eat. There was chunks of tomatoe, celery, chicken.. And the portion was huge. I think it was $9. enough for 2.



Also a personal perference but I prefer the dumplings here boiled or fried. The steamed ones never sat well with me for some reason. Came piping hot with a lot (12 or 16? can’t recall) but it was moreish with the soy/vinegar+chilli dip you put together. Yummy yummy stuff. Pretty much always get the pork chives. Tried the lamb once but its kind of lamby. A bit in a kebab, sure. A lot of lamb can be overwhelming.
Service can be chaotic and the waitress tonight looked at me and had to get some one else to come serve me when I asked for a can of coke zero but hey, what can you do? Watch the girls race over with a pair of scissors to save you when you can’t work out how to eat the uber long strands in the noodle dish you ordered and be amazed.

EAT: that noodle dish, boiled dumplings/or fried. Try steamed if adventurous. The pancake things are great. So is the salt pepper. The JA Jiang Mian (noodle with mince + cucumber slices); I’m not super fond of but some people seem to swear by it.
Best thing, its so cheap that you can always just come back and try something else on the menu. 1 of 2 favourite places to eat in chinatown. Cheap and glorious.  And when absolutely in doubt, walk in, look at what an asian diner is eating and say “I want that”.




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