So you know that dumpling place in chinatown, that’s like a seminal/sydney institution? Chinese Noodle Restaurant? The one with the hokey grapes and hokey tapestries on the wall? The place you crave every more than once in while and where you head with mates after a night out in search of cheap steaming delicious dumplings? Yeah, that one. Well, they opened one in the city 1 block down from the george street KFC. I literally sort of did a double take when I walked by. No way. It can’t be. Oh, it Is. The boss guy with his violin? Yup, that’s it alright. I am giddy.


The sign actually says Chinese Noodle Restaurant Town Hall. This is located at 77 Bathurst Street. They took over what used to be a generi hongkong-esque diner. I think I might have eaten there once on a late night after work.


Chinese tea once seated.


Shredded Chicken and shallot salad. Biggish serve. We ordered too much for 2 today.


The first noodle dish on the menu (Xinjiang?). Hot long noodles. Its very provincially and the noodles are handmade but good eating. Piping hot outta the kitchen too.


Boiled pork chives. I prefer it boiled. Good eats with the vinegar/soy chilli.


CNR2 doesn’t have the grapes or the tapestries. :( Service is, prompt and efficient.


A look at their kitchen.

So there you go, Drop by and visit for lunch/dinner. Its super cheap and its a great eat. I can’t believe I didn’t know about this.
I look forward to many return visits. Already headed in tonight after work with FSC. Even thought she’s new to Sydney (french and all that) she put me onto the half serves so we ended up ordering 4 different dishes to eat – fried dumplings, boiled ones, steamed one and a half serve of steamed buns. Gut bustingly awesome of course. And the damage this round? $22. Wow. You must visit. Break the taco/ramen/burger chain. Come eat here. Best thing now? No queues. I don’t think anyone knows its here. YET.

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  1. TheJugernaut

    Hey Helen, yeah this place opening here is great. Saves me having to walk to chinatown and we can now pop over before a movie too. Loving it.

  2. Sammie

    After salivating over this blog post, we tried it out this week and loved it. We had the fried eggplant thing which was amazing and loved the way you can get half and half of different types of dumplings. Can’t wait to go back.

    • TheJugernaut

      sounds yum. You’re making me crave some dumplings now Sammie.