So, this is the one (looking right at burlington plaza) that sits on the extreme right. The main chinese noodle restaurant (the good one) adjoins the japanese place. So for some reason, I’ve never been here and why would you when the real thing is so good and just there. So why did we end up here? The good one was shut for the night. Its funny though walking into this joint. Its got less grapes on its ceiling (um, why does it even mirror the other store?) and its got wall hangings too. Like bizarro CNR. Its also very hole in the wallish.


A quick glance at their dumpling menu. I believe the dumplings are a dollar cheaper here. We ordered the Pork/Chives and Prawn one.


This place also has traditional rugs hanging on the wall

Knife Cut Noodles. I’m not sure if they have handmade noodles like CNH but here, the noodles seems like they were cut off a slab off dough resulting in uneven slices of noodles/hunks of noodles and its interesting enough. Dish had celery, tomatoes, peppers. Its not bad eating but it wasn’t as good as the other place and tasted like it needed more seasoning.

Pork/Chives and Prawn Dumpling. $8.5  A tad bland and again, missing seasoning. Just a bit more salt in the mince might have helped. had to douse it with soy/vinegar but you can still taste that the dumpling itself was missing kick

 deep fried eggplant with szechuan sauce. This was an interesting choice. It wasn’t particular spicy but it was hard to eat without rice or meat.  Its not bad though. The eggplant exterior was crispy and it is soft on the inside.


So Chinese Noodle House East to be a lesser iteration of the other one. Service here is pretty good though and much better than the other place (what with the girl who didn’t understand what a coke zero was). They were really friendly here. Maybe I’ll head back and try the dumplings steamed/fried so the juices don’t leak away during the boiling process.


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