So yes, like Waitan, China Republic aspires to be Sydney’s premium Chinese fine dining. Located at World Square, China Republic does a hell of lot of things right from fit out to service, with great eats and a killer cocktail selection. We’re kinda impressed and rapt with it just a little. Crushing on Jessica their floor manager who was a great hostess. China Republic is dimmy lit a little dark but never too dark. The venue is dark oaks, sombre and appealing. It does a lot of things right. We dined here with wasamedia and had a pretty great time.


Hello cocktail!


The Peking Duck here at China Republic apparently takes 10 days to prep.china-republic12

Knife skills aplenty, she makes quick work of that duck.


The CR peking duck comes and you can eat it 2 ways, with a mantou (Bun) or the standard wrapper. The white porcelain duck is a neat touch.


The Conditiment selection at China Republic is pretty good with a nice selection of flavours on offer. The mustard was a kicker and pretty good. The sugar in the bottom is for dipping and tasting the crispy duck skin.


Delicious. Gotta say, their mustard sauce thing is next level. It is a shame then that the Peking Duck dish here doesn’t net you a “duck san chai bow” or any side dish. It is very nice though.


Dumplings. Loved the China Republic dumplings. Crispy all over with a variety on offer in the one tasting plate. The rocket was a bit mysterious.


Like Waitan’s spicy chicken dish, this cold poached white cut chicken in a spicy green sauce (spicy lemon) was excellent.


Their special fried rice is golden and each granule of rice is separate. Good hunks of prawns in it too. Didn’t even need seasoning. Quite a good mound of it too.


Chef’s kong pow chicken here was tangy and nice.


Vegetable medley was well cooked and nice.


Fruit platter was epically presented and lovely.


Chef’s special sweet and sour pork ribs were darkly coloured, and a great combination of sweet and sour.


It has to be noted that cocktails at China Republic was an interesting mix of East and West – well balanced easy drinking and interesting. The sphere had a tea leaf in it and all 3 here were great.


This cocktail had moutai in it and was pretty nice.


Coconut Tapioca with Mango Icecream. At Waitan, we really can’t recommend the desserts but other the desserts we had at China Republic were great. Very refined with great flavours. Classic asian desserts done very well.


Walnut Parfait. Excellent

So the verdict on China Republic is that its a pretty solid affair. The food is excellent and desserts were a highlight across the board. It is premium chinese and you’ll be treated well and the food is delicious being a class above your regular chinese restaurant. Being this fancy, the price guide on desserts is definitely a winning – at equivalent fine dining places, you’re paying $14-15. Here  its mostly under a tenner and so bloody good. We’d come back just for desserts.  And yes, we really like it. Really do. For your birthdays, your promotions and for them days when you want to splurge on something a bit special. Because it is.

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