Chef’s Galley. We’re quite fond of cheap eat Chinese food in Chinatown and somethings got to be said about provincial rustic handmade noodles and food; and we often find ourselves on the fence when it comes to middle of the road fare that’s neither here nor there. Chef’s Gallery is not a joint that Jugs+Co frequent but an off the cuff visit might have changed our minds. Food was done right, service wasn’t obsequious and we avoid the trapfalls (not a fan of their condensed milk and mantous, or fluffy pork things). What we then had was a savoury 6 courser amongst 3 and we were well fed at about $35/head.


Noodle dish with dumplings. This was a bit pedestrian and in all honesty, a mistake on their part. We ordered the spicier one and this came (and we paid for it) but its a cleaner broth and simpler.


Spicy sauced noodles with wontons was really good with firm fillings and delicious spiciness.


Prawn noodle stirfry. Largely okay


Salt and Pepper egg with spinach. Looked kind of like the menu and was crispy and soft – texturally quite interesting. Peculiar salad on the side did little for it and was left untouched.


Prawn dumplings. Crispy sizable with nice hunks of fresh prawns and very good.


Peking Duck Roti. These were tremendous and a meal highlight. All the flavours of Peking Duck and delicious crusty roti.

Had a great meal here. Quibbles aside but we did leave sans “receipt/breakdown”. Was curious to see if they slapped extras for the tea or what not but the cost wasn’t too shabby for the number of dishes we ordered. Get the Duck Rotis. This fusion malaysian chinese eat everyone loved. There was also some pleasure to be had perusing a menu that was food photography and picking based on visuals.

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    • TheJugernaut

      Hi! yes, it wasn’t my pick but was the best dish we had today. very delicious.