CheekyBurger Paddington takes over an existing venue and through the power of beef, bacon and bar; takes over Sloans Cafe and makes the space its own with a vernacular outback shack fitout that looks trendy and brings a warehouse aesthetics to the strip. It’s also buzzy and packed so they’re doing plenty right.
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Cheeky Burger - Paddington 1

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Corrugated panels, streetart murals by our mate @mike__watt help to make Cheeky’s internal courtyard a lively happening space. They’ve done a good thing with the space and it looks and feels great.

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Shroom Burger – $13 is an appealing looking burger that puts haloumi and a large field mushroom to good use. There’s also roasted capsicum in there was a pesto dressing on it. ItsĀ a good pick for vegetarians out smashing burgers with mates.

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Cheeky’s double cheeseburger with jalapeno (15+2) $17. Its a bit pricier than we’d like for a burger that came without fries. If we added fries this would have been a $20 burger. Patty itself needed seasoning (salt for sure). The meat was coarse and bland and even with the jalapeno and cheese, did not taste like much. And its a $17 burger.

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$6. Yam fries. It’s like Chur’s Sweet Potato Fries. Quite nice to get into.

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Cheeky Burger - Paddington-1 (2)

“Speciality Drinks” are $5 and Milkshakes $8. We had the salted caramel which needed more salted caramel – just tasted like a caramel milkshake but it had heaps of icecream in it. Not quite blended into a smooth milkshake. Good but we wanted that salted caramel kick.

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Pabst American Beers round the back.

Cheeky Burger - Paddington-4

Here’s Cheeky’s Daily Specials – There’s that Tight Ass Tuesday where burger prices are halved but you’ll need to get a beer or shake.Cheeky Burger - Paddington-3

CheekyBurger is sort of new; it looks great and we did wish we liked the burgers better. We were told the double cheese was the go to. Staff were very nice and the venue itself was super appealing. Just really can’t say we rate the burgers. They need to season their patties better. Pass the salt.

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    • TheJugernaut

      Whoop. Good luck. Not particular enthused. If yours is better, maybe we’ll consider going back. Considering how sweet the shop was, wished the burgers weren’t so blerg.

  1. Gaby

    So many burger places popping up… but not that many really great ones, no?