On Level 5 of the Westfield PSM is Chat Thai. This place makes me wonder why people go to Thairiffic in the foodcourt on 4 when the food here is comparative in price but you get to have table service, water (so you don’t have to spend $3-4 on a coke) and a fantastic meal. Chat Thai Westfield is great. Service is attentive, food is spot on and the restaurant is nice.


Noodle dish, lemon, fishballs, fishcake and slivers of pork. Quite Nice.


This noodle with the duck was good. The serve is generous and the duck meat soft and succulent.


Pork Belly, chilli stirfry and green beans. Flavour Kick. Yum! Make sure you order this. It is excellent and my favourite thing.

Missing the photo for the chicken in tumeric with rice dish. Also really nice. Not great with Thai food names and I didn’t take notes. All the dishes we had were all bout $14-16.


Dessert. L ordered this and told me to try it. White creamy bits was warm lemongrass flavoured and quite pleasant.


I picked this. Black Rice and Coconut Milk. It was warm and had salted notes and was quite morish. Could possibly even be entree in all honesty.
Highly Recommended.

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  1. Tina @ bitemeshowme

    If you ever get the chance to, try their coconut rice and mango dessert. It is out of this world. It is a seasonal dessert offered in summer I think.