Dropped in for lunch here today. The Central Baking Depot (CBD) is located at  37 – 39 Erskine St, Sydney and its one of those, non descript shops – it is located along a street where palpable, not many decent eateries exist. The exterior isn’t anything special and its easy to miss if you walk by.

Central-Baking-Depot-6  Central-Baking-Depot-4 Central-Baking-Depot-3  Central-Baking-Depot-1

Coffee, Sandwich, Sweets:Coffee was decent.


The tandoori chicken sandwich had great bread but the chicken had no spice and could easily have been a standard chicken sandwich.


Almond croissant thing was nice as was the carrot cake.

Loved that they were baking right behind me. That was suitably impressive and quite surprising. It definitley made the CBD a lot more interesting otherwise.  Place smelt like cinammon aka heaven.

There were minor service hiccups. Barista was telling the service girl off for texting too much while service was on. You can only shake your head at that.

We liked the decor … It just missed a bit of flair to be a great venue. Should be back, the patisserie range looked good

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