In a bit of a surprise development; we’ve caught wind of the fact that there’ll very soon be a Cats X Astronaut Themed Cat Cafe coming. Called Catmosphoere, this venue is opening somewhere in the Sydney CBD in July. Considering Exploding Cats a card game on Kickstarter (went supernova with mad funding), the kids behind this outfit might be appealing to the bazillions out there who love their feline frens.


Sydney’s first and only space themed Cat Café is landing in our CBD. Catmosphere is a tribute and a home to brave astro-cats returning to Earth with many a tale of outer space adventures in galaxies far far away.

Catmosphere’s domesticates have resolutely dedicated their past lives to space exploration and are back to basking in the Earth’s glorious oxygenated biosphere where any and all Homo sapiens who wish to enjoy their company will be able to enjoy quality locally brewed coffee and a mouthwatering seasonal menu.
Check out Catmosphere’s Facebook Page and Website (for info on an IndieGOGO project).

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