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Located at 113 Oxford Street – next door to Mad Mex off one of the streets in Darlinghurst, sits the “store” version of the cantina mobile food truck. We were headed up to the Maltese Falcon but we ended up here as it was a tad nearer.
The shop is fairly simply fitted out with bits of “street” themed brick a brac and murals painted on the wall to echo the “foodtruck” on the go feel. The counter inside is built to look like a food truck and the various furniture bits echo this: with castrol fuel tank seats; road signy signage and to reflect the mexicaness of the cuisine; cacti.

Very limited menu on offer.


Food truck counter


mango dessert/pudding


$6. The mango pudding was good. cinnamon+nuts and it tasted quite fresh and mangoey. Best thing today.


Chicken Burrito/Beef Burrito. Took pics but they both kind of looked the same anyhow.

Both burrito’s fillings were both like a pulled meat – so texturally, you don’t get the steak cubes you get at the other places. It was mushy.There wasn’t any salsa? It was kind of average to be honest. Mad Mex is like 30 seconds away to the right. I’d go there instead. Burrito filling etc there has a slight edge and more kick+flavour imo.


Mexican Jello

$5 Mexican jelly pudding. Good thing; its not sickly sweet. Its not very good  though and odd tasting due to the confluence of flavours. The promise of the pretty colours didn’t deliver; think hospital jello + some sort of panacotta.


As a  food truck, the novelty of eating mexican street food on the go, is understandably appealing. Take that away, you have a shop experience that lacks that; and has substantially less range than a full featured mexican fast food joint like the competitors listed and I wonder why/how this even works. The burritos also could not compare taste wise.
Cantina Mobil on Urbanspoon

Cantina Mobil on Urbanspoon

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