Located out in Smithfields is Candeloris, an italian eatery that’s recently undergone a million dollar fitout as it gears up for the future. The area in which it sits and its premium feel is at odds with the glow of hot neon coming from the kebab/local takeaway venues. Candeloris is a surprise and its fitout and styling would not go miss in the innercity, doublebay but here it sits in smithfield. Its premium and feels like it.¬† We attend their launch event and scouted out the premises and the eats.

Marbles, polished granite floors and dark walnut is stylish.


Impressive bit of machinery here. He’s shaving some amazing prosciutto.


Tremendous. Not sure if everyone knew this was the best prosciutto you could get in the world but Candeloris brought this in for the launch..


A duo of freshly made cheeses – Buffalo Mozzarella, Burrata. Oozy and fresh, these were clean and fresh.



Bruschetta. Ample topping and good flavours.


Crumbed Stuffed Olives.


Simple ingredients as fresh mozarella, tomatoes, basil and EVOO comes together to make a great italian entree.


Octopus Carpaccio. Delicate, tender, flavoursome. This is recommended and very light.


Gamberi in tomato soup. Nice fresh and delicious.


Pillowy Gnocchi with Duck Ragu.


Zucchini Flowers were crispy and filled with ricotta and spinach. A good version of this.


Figs wrapped in proscuttio and baked with Gorgonzola Sauce. Another highlight tonight and a definite hit.


What was also great about Candeloris was that they did some rather stellar pizzas – with this artichoke, ham, cherry tomato one being a nice treat. Woodfired too.


Mascarpone crepe with warm Belgian dark chocolate and crushed hazelnuts.

As mentioned, this was a delight and Candeloris not only looked luxe with designers DS17 delivering on a top to toe (some schmick work in the bathroom too) fitout, the drawcard that afforded the restaurant to such success – the delicious, well presented italian food is great eating. Standout dishes like the fig, gnocchi and prawns delivered. Fairfield/Smithfield might be far out west but for locals and residents of the area looking for something special Candeloris is one for you.

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