Campos now has its 5th flagship shop and its a quite a beautiful showcase with a great contemporary fitout designed by Luchetti Krelle. It features much pine and suspended lights by Henry Pilcher Australia. The result? A smartly scandinavian and cool looking cafe with Campos’ great coffees and professional baristas.

Campos Dulwich Hill (4)

Campos Dulwich Hill (6)
Venue is packed for this launch but you can see that the space is coolly sharp. The grid like framing system becomes shelving for planting and knick knacks.

Campos Dulwich Hill (5)

Campos Dulwich Hill (9)
Campos X alaskan Rock Vodka for some killer Espresso Martinis.

Campos Dulwich Hill (3)
A rather delicious Campos X Alaskan Rock Espresso Martini (Alaskan Rock is tasmanian)

Campos Dulwich Hill (7)
Campos is doing a series of Barista driven specials – you gotta ask for them – the winning drink gets its Barista (of which there will be 3) $1 of every drink and goes on the menu. Its a deliciously wonderful incentive. This was a lemony coffee x spritzer. Its tangy and refreshing.

Campos Dulwich Hill (8)
Campos Dulwich Hill (1)
A sampling of the Dulwich hill eats. The sausage rolls were nice as were the piccolo affogatos (baby affogatos available in a tasting paddle). The mini affogatos had different ice cream flavours and Campos is using ice cream from innerwest institution Serendipity.

Campos Dulwich Hill (2)
Campos’ Will Young and Renee from Masterchef and Atticism at the launch.

We’re regulars at the Newtown Campos store and we love the single origins, delicious coffees there and you can expect the same here. Campos Dulwich Hill will also have light lunch items – sandwiches, baguettes and sausage rolls; all coming from their Rosetta Stone bakery.


Campos:  @camposcoffee
Campos Dulwich Hill:  @camposdulwichhill

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