Located at 193 Missenden Road, Campos Coffee is a hole in the wallesque coffee joint located in Newtown.  You enter via a short flight of stairs into a fairly simply decorated cafe space, with the cafe counter out front, with 4-5 guys behind, a pastry selection adjoining and seating at the rear of the room. The focus is on making coffees and that’s what Campos Coffee is about. Coffee guys. Milk guys. Waitress. Its very efficient and a well oiled machine. There is a selection of roasts they put together and this truly is a coffee connoisseurs joint.


various seats. This is at 8am in the morning. Its not the most trendy space nor does it need to be. Note the water tap on the left.


Croissants, muffins, slices, macaroons.


coffee photography on the walls


Campos does really great coffee – they’ve repeatedly been winning awards and the reason is that they do superb coffees; the masses approve by frequenting this place. It might not have the fancy warehouse loft space that LUXE has next door; not a breakfast menu; but people come in and queue up regardless. If you want to have a great cup of coffee, this probably is the best place in sydney to have one.

Campos is opening another store at the Sydney Opera House (at Opera Bar) so drop by if that’s a nearer option for you.
Black Gold. Highly Recommended.
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