OLD FISH. Seats. sink. Character. Cloves of garlic that hung. Persiany rugs. I wish I had a photo of the street side seats. SEATS!!

My old photos from 2005 of OLD FISH.

Replacing the Old Fish Cafe (which I do miss for its quirky old school character and nuance), is Cafe Shenkin expresso bar… an odd moniker considering there’s only enough seats for 4. An offshoot of the Shenkin Cafe in Erskineville, this place opened to an already crowded cafe scene in King Street; and a prime location at that. I was wondering what it was going to be like when it opened… so when the hoarding came off.

The fitout loses all the seats that old fish used to have in lieu of 2x pastry cabinets + a barista/coffee making machine. You won’t be sitting at that corner drinking coffee and watching Newtown go by. Shame. That was what was so great about the old joint.

Café Sehnkin has gone for an eclectic look here with bits of timber shelving to house the coffee blends and various accoutrements. The front bar is home to various sweet eats. They have a nutella donut on the menu. The thing on the wall says “if its not made with love don’t make it” a slogan the other shenkin venues carry.

pastry+sandwiches. Pink stuff which looked sort of out of place. But the dessert cabinet looks good.

$3. They’re smallish but right for the price. I like the cinnamon snail :)

So yes. Another Place to grab coffee on King Street. Been back numerous times – they do a good coffees and I bought a Nutella donut (good $4, wish it had more nutella – but then you never have enough of that stuff) and various bites – its all yummy. The seating thing still disappoints though – very much a grab and go. Its my first cafe up the road so I go a fair bit. Its a takeaway coffee place and for that it works. Good coffees, decent eats. The queue situation here can be odd – numerous times, there are people in the door way looking like they were queueing for service (and not moving to let you in) when you sort of just have to ask to push in as they’d be waiting for their coffee. Friendly coffee guys too.

Verdict? Good coffees, grabs some edible delights and head to camperdown memorial park and soak up some sunshine.

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