Cafe Paci sits in the Pacifico Building on Riley street. The colourful Red,Yellow Green, exterior now houses Cafe Paci and for $85, you get a set menu that eats very much like a degustation. Very interesting venue, and the food was a delight. Its only here for a year and the clock is ticking. Once time is up – the site and the 2 adjoinging ones will be demolished for apartments. No doubt it’d resurface somewhere else but you would have eaten here first. Regardless, Cafe Paci is highly Recommended.


We arrive at 6.30pm at Cafe Paci and it is mostly empty but quickly fills out. Interior is grey throughout and theres something to be said about keeping it neutral.


We start with some red duck beer and Pilsner.


This mural… it really looks like someone I know.


Their menu is seasonal – we went in December and the November menu is still active.


Snacks. Puffed Barramundi skin,poppy seed, lemon curd coated asparagus, and some sort of thinly sliced bread. lovely flavours. The barramundi skin had what tasted like vinegar dust.


This was rye mini tortillas with stuff on top. very lightly flavoured


3 day bread, house made butter and the bread was brushed with molasses. Its funny that bread would be a highlight but this was really just lovely to eat.


Sashimi Prawn (almost asiany in taste), tomatoes, sour cream and raspberry. complex, rich and packed a real flavour punch.


veal tartare, broccoli. an excellent rendition of a tartare and very tender. There’s bone marrow and anchovy to which resulted in a silky finish.


BLT. a deconstructed CP BLT (yellow is meyer lemon curd). Fantastic. Doesn’t look like much but its again, it tastes like a BLT but better even


Photato. Asian Pho inspired dish. With potato strands hidden under there. Beef barely cooked. Delicious and we picked away at its components.


Yogurt Mousse, Carrot and Liquorice  – the start of the dessert round. Despite my reservations with liquorice, here it was light and didn’t overpower like you’d associate with that flavouring.


Parsley Sorbet, banana and malt round. Quite interesting. Companion couldn’t handle the parsley but I quite enjoyed this.


Petit Fours – Popcorn+Butter candy floor and pork crackles coated in dark chocolate with fennell seeds.


About 9pm. We’re done with the meal, the sun’s set and Paci feels and looks very different.


Packed and yes, you can sit at the bar.

This was quite an interesting dinner – its basically a degust for $85 and sort of kicking myself for not getting the optional cheese plate now. Interesting flavours, amazing food and a nice vibe in here when packed. Can’t say enough good things about this – from service to food. Ace. One of our top meals 2013 and we’ll be back when the menu changes.

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