Neil Perry’s Burger Project is now open in World Tower. Located up the stairs (where the purple scaly sculpture is). Burger Project is cheap burgers from Neil Perry and it sure is popular. There was a wait time of 20 to get in, and another 10 to get your burgers. They’re out of chicken wings today. At a glance, the burgers are quite reminiscent of maccas. There’s that look to them.

Burger Project Worldtower Chinatown (5)
The ordering stations just there, the menu’s on the board just there.

Burger Project Worldtower Chinatown (10)
Burger Project Worldtower Chinatown (1)
Inside the fitout is fairly minimal, with punches of colour, and stark minimalistic wall art. There’s an austerity in the design that doesn’t imbue warmth. Big mirror angled to one side makes the space look bigger although it sits a lot of bums. The round tables were fixed which was a shame as we couldn’t slide one over to accomodate the group.

Burger Project Worldtower Chinatown (9)
About $20/head. Note how the vego burger is the priciest.

Burger Project Worldtower Chinatown (4)
All the milk shakes. Vanilla one was just one big cup of milk. Terrible. It was a random pick and the girl who got it was less than impressed. Chocolate one was probably the best but it was just a “cocoa”, not like a chocolate milkshake as you would expect. The rest were okay but we weren’t too blown away. Chips in the cups were decent. One was chilli, one was sea salt. Couldn’t really tell the difference.

Burger Project Worldtower Chinatown (8)
Cheese and Bacon burger. It’s alright but there’s something very mcdonaldish about it.

Burger Project Worldtower Chinatown (7)
Spicy Chicken Burger. Tangy and decent sized pieces of chicken in this. It’s okay.

Burger Project Worldtower Chinatown (6)
Classic Burger. Its medium rare. It should be noted all the burgers were cooked  medium. Okay.

Burger Project Worldtower Chinatown (3)
Magic Mushroom Burger. Not sure why this is $12.50 as some have observed. Its more pricey than the double burger. Mary’s is better. Didn’t think this was too special. We had a thin small shroom. Cheese wasn’t melted here.

Burger Project Worldtower Chinatown (2)
Double Burger. At 60 cents cheaper than the Magic Mushroom, this was possibly the best thing we had today. Its better as it’s meatier. This is the pick of the crop today.

So yes, the overall impression here was the Burger Project was just okay. The milkshakes were not worth the money being thin and washy at $6.50. Get a coke or something out of a bottle or booze. Chips were crispy and decent enough. The most disappointing thing after all the queuing to get in was how “okay” the burgers were. All of them arrived, barely warm. Thinking back to the time we had Huxtaburgers in Melbourne – now those were immediately gratifying and wonderful. Possibly teething issues but there’s something here that felt amiss. Underseasoned beef? Not quite sure about their “special sauce” or asiany style thinly sliced pickles.

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5 Responses

    • TheJugernaut

      yeah.. thinking about it now. For 1 small piece of field mushroom, its more expensive than a burger with 2 beef patties.

  1. Gaby

    So many mixed reviews… I’ll have to find out whether I like ’em burgers or not.

    • TheJugernaut

      Will u eat the buns? Being paleo and all? It’s not quite the same if you don’t eat the buns.