BUNS AND BALLS? Really, I bet that’s your reaction… it was kind of mine too when I heard. So yeah, there’s a restaurant/diner/bar up at the cross called Buns and Balls… and we head up and got some in our mouth. The location can be best described thus:  It’s under hugos and its kind of nice. Its got a nice streetstyle to its fitout, the bar counter seems to have lots of little tennis ball sized bumps and its a very casual fun /eatery/diner/bar. The name is a bit of fun, and the venue, it’s a kind of cool. #bblaunch BUNNSS BALLS. Juicy buns. Juicy Balls.


A look at the insides of B+B. There’s colourful seating and as with the rest of the venue. It looks great and street. Those yellow chairs are de-rigeur in sydney dining and yup, they’re here. The hexagonal table however isn’t.


Here’s the same area – once the sun seat. Its an appealing space to hang out in. Nice modern fitout. That panelised ball wall is also in use here.


The artwork that they drew around the venue is graffiti and urban. This dude had some balls


The outdoor courtyard space at Buns and Balls is a nice. I expected the area to be kind of staid but all you could see when seated was the green of the trees beyond. The use of astro turf just drew it all inwards.


It felt like you were in some sort of cabana-area when seated here. You don’t really see building. Nice and green.


More of that street sensability on the artwork/walls (it does extend to the bathrooms) and a nice pool table area


Foosball. Yup.


MENU. reasonable prices and the $10 price point on most items means you’ll be getting fed quite well her for a tenner. Put them in your mouth. We chuckled.


B+Bs does a light tasting but nice fresh alcoholic juice – Here’s a watermelon, lime and vodka and a pineapple, ginger beer vodka & bitters. Something about watermelon drinks, we dig. Light and perfect for summer. You can also request these sans booze. $12 alco, $7 virgin


Gourmet fish balls and they’re tangy and quite delicious: Barramundi. Crunchy, savoury. Nice.


Tofu balls and Chicken balls. The tofu ones won the ball taste test, soaking up all the spices and were delicious, flavorsome bites.


B+B’s kumera chips serve is huge. Always nice to eat kumera and I’m digging these. Its a perfect blend of sweet and savoury.


B+B’s chicken burger was a surprise. It tasted like an Oportos burgers but this was in a good way. Nice bit of heat in the food incidentally and this was no different.


Their version of a Caeaar salad with chilli on the side. Tender chicken and a good cos salad


Fish burger was nicely cooked and good eating


Buns and balls’s menu also extended to americana like hotwings. Here the wings are savoury, spicy with a bite. Really quite delicious.


Ceire from Ceire’s Kitchen presenting B+B’s dessert duo. Their icecream sandwiches and their glazed donuts.


Dessert are icecream sandwiches. There’s 2 types here. A blueberry biscuit and a white chocolate biscuit – both with vanilla icecream. Nice

Buns and Balls surprised – mostly because of the abundance of heat and chilli in most of  the eats (you do get to chose sauce what you want with your eats per the menu)  which we approve of. Its not crazy spicy but its quite nice to eat food with a kick. Easily accessible from Kings Cross, B+B ticks all the right boxes, good easy bar and cheap and delicious bistro grub. We had other $10 burgers today and these easily beat those in the flavour and satisfaction department. Great lively venue with nice outdoor venue, the name might be peculiar but Buns and Balls is anything but. Its cheeky but its their byline – but get these babies in your mouth. Really quite good.

Jugs+Ceire dined courtesy of Simon Says and the Darlin Group.



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