Bulletin Place sits 50 and this is pretty easily one of the best small bars you can hit. Its intimate, the service is top notch, there’s a daily cocktail list up on the wall and a lot of it is just brilliant. Bulletin Place despite its location which could have easily been suit hell also draws a nice mixed crowd and yes, would. and would again. Its ticks all the right boxes, great atmosphere, great cocktails, intimate and atmospheric.


We’ve been here prior and the this used to be the mural. The evocative woman’s face is the new wall art and we dig it. This is a real dates night venue.


Its packed, and the venue looks appealing, and everyone’s having a great time. Its noisy but not overly so.


If you end up at the corner seat, someone could buy you a drink and have their name on the wall. It’s kinda cool. Love their big roll of brown paper on the wall and the menu displayed that way.


When you come here, they’ll give you a bit of a palate cleanser. Its a nice touch. Should mention that its table service and they’re very attentive here.


When we visited this time. Cherries are in season and we had these.  The one on the right is the Princely “Black berry Beret” and its brilliant. Cocktail on the Left is a “Kir Smoke”.


Grapefruit cooler, a nice white and a mandarin drink. Mandymargy. Great!!!


The coaster has some scrawl on it.


Yeah, both are good. A raspberry penicillin (with smokey whiskey) and a Rum Cola Fizz

Bulletin-Place-Bar-1They had a $10 buck Boost and juice cocktail today and its a easy drinking ketel one vodka, watermelon and apple juice.

We dig this. One of the best small bars in sydney, lively, service is superb and it easy to go through the 5 specials of the day and then want more. We hit 3 venues tonight and we left around closing. A++. Jugfav. If you haven’t been, top of your list.



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