Hey look, 8 truffle dishes. Once a year. Its the Black Star Pastry Truffle Weekend. 2012.


brioche dough baked in small tins, truffle and sage infused bechamel with gruyere.

This little sandwich had great bread, and had very strong truffle notes. You can see slices of truffle in this. The choice of using gruyere, a gooey soft cheese made for a morish, savoury bite when toasted. Gone in a flash.

Spinach and Mushroom Pitihier baked with fresh truffle

This one wasn’t so good. The truffle flavour wasn’t really apparent and it was just a mushroom/spinachy pie. One of the most expensive things on the menu too so it was a real shame. I think the truffle got overwhelmed by the spinach+schroom combo

Leek and Goats Cheese Quche – truffle infused eggs and fresh truffles

Quite enjoyable this. The pastry shell was very good and the filling in the tart had good truffle flavour while being soft, mellow tasting and delicious. The goat cheese in this was different from the goat cheese used in the cheesecake (later) – very much mellower.

Truffle Croquembuche

Only bought 1 but could have easily devoured like 10 of these. The chux pastry was perfect. It was light, super crispy with a sweet glaze (toffee). The filling in this was really delicious and might have been amongst the best things they made this weekend. Should have bought more. :/

Truffle Rice Custard with Truffle Honey + quince pearls

The truffle rice custard was a small serve but every mouthful was kind of special. Various notes of creamy rice, truffles, the quince balls giving a bit of bite and texture. It was a cool dish to eat. Very light on the palette and very delicious.The pine nuts also added a nuttiness and crunch.


Truffle Jar
Best thing they had. The truffle jar had 3 slices of truffles, violet jelly and all sorts of magic in it. It looked like fairies could have lived in and tasted so damn good. The definite highlight of the day. Everything you ate in this was like hmm, what is this madness and why is it so good? The truffle mousse was superb and not listed in the ingredients but definitely in the jar is some sort of sweet biscuit. It was soft, it had crunch, the violet jelly was beautiful and the biscuit added sweetness. It wasn’t a huge serve (wanted way more) but it was very satisfying.

Truffle Cheesecake (japanese goatscheese)

This is a black pyramid of mysteriousness – we didn’t know what it was when we took it out the box; so when we cut into it and discovered some sort of cake.. it was a surprise. The cake was very strongly piquant with a very tart goatscheese and this one was by far the most truffly. The base biscuit was also somewhat tart/salty. Very savoury that japanese goatscheese.

Bread+Butter with Truffled Anglaise

I don’t normally order their bread and butter pudding as I’m not partial to it myself. The bread and butter by itself was a very xmasy dessert; with raisins in it; that reminded me very much of a xmas pudding. The truffled anglaise when used on the pudding added that extra depth of flavour and moisture.

yeah, think the lot cost about $74? I did order 2 coffees and that made the order $80. Was it worth it? Hell yes. Outside of the pithier, which I thought was a bit ho hum, everything else was worth it. I like the fact that you can go to a restaurant and order some dessert after your meal and that will quite often easily set you back $16-18 and here Chris is giving his fans something special, not really that expensive and its fun to look forward to as there is such a variety. Both sweet and savouries. I could have easily had 2-3 of the truffle jars+rice pudding and croquebuche. They were that good.

If you’re reading this. You most probably missed it. Next year then. :)


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