Brooklyn Social’s now open and its taken over the old Mexico Food and Liquor Venue. Its a bit of a rock and roll, gin joint with rather well priced Americana eats. Once the sun has set and the locals have taken over the social and the music gets cranking, you’ll have a really good time at this good time joint. Loosen your belt you guys. That quarter pounder… Its also your new late night venue as its open til 2am.


ROCK n ROLL sensibilities abound.


The space kind of looks the same – a little – but now with rock and roll decorations and a black tiles. The bar hasn’t moved.


It’s a gin joint there’s loads of gins on display. And they have Rocks Brewing Beers on tap here. (Rocks Brewing writeup)

brooklyn-social-2Cocktail Menu on the sideboard there.



Hendrinks G+Ts – we’re quite impressed – they free poured and its only $9 which is great. We could drink this all day.


A rather large, deliriously cheesy quarter quarter pounder wonder. Drippy, gooey, meaty. $14 too. Its probably one of the most epic burgers we’ve had in Sydney. It is greatness.


10 bucks fried chicken with truffled aioli. Very nice, crunchy and the aioli was nice.


We seem to be the only people who’ve gotten a double donut but there you go, you inject the donuts with various fillings – we went with chocolate. Sweet and decadent.

Brooklyn Social’s great. The dude food/Americana eats is appealing, priced well and so decadent and OTT. The dessert is fun and has that right now appeal of being “interactive”. Gin? House poured, Hendricks at $9 a pop. They need to set us a permaseat in the house. A new favourite from 2 visits. This is the new hotness.

Added: 01/09/2014

So we’ve been back a couple more times to Brooklyn Social – we’ve been here for the VIP launch night, and then we were back chowing on their chicken and waffles and then there’s the day when we went “oh, lets just eat a 3 patty Meat Packing Burger (which was quite fantastic in a “oh no you didn’t” sorta way)


Bar Crew posing at their launch do.


So these are Brooklyn Social’s hotdogs. There’s a classic dog, a pulled pork on hotdog dog and a jalapeno one. $8 each but $8 for 2 (on double dog tuesdays). They’re pretty good.

The Meatpacking is $14. Add an extra patty and this is a monsterous burger that’ll set you back $16 and days on the treadmill. So epic. Quite good.


Mac Cheese Balls + Monday Nights’ Chicken and Waffles for $12. We were quite happy with these. Did we mention its a fav? They do a lot of things right here!

Rocks Brewing Company Writeup

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