Located in Breadfern is Redfern.. oh wait, its the other way around. Located in Redfern is the delightfully named “Breadfern Redfern”. It’s an Organic Bakery, nice loaves, sweet treats and then some. Now open in Redfern, dishing up good baked eats – we can’t help but wish it were just that bit closer to home.

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Yup, he works at Breadfern. Its located near Redfern Park.

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Formerly of Bondi, Keren Klein is the head baker here.

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Nice selection of sweet treats, pies, savoury pastries and organic breads to be had at breadfern.

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Pastries of the Flaky kind.

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Breadfern is all about the breads

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Hail the carrot cake. Its dense, moist and delicious

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We take our haul over to Redfern Park and chow down. The range of eats were solid and delicious. – the almond Croissant is possibly one of the crunchiest we’ve had while the lemon meringue tart is a close second with a soft meringue and robust lemony flavours. Affordable and an easy choice.
Its a smartly finished, great bakery churning out good baked treats in Redfern. There’s also coffee and 2 little seats in the store if you wanna grab a bite in store. Well worth checking out.
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