There something about Mary’s Bonarche…. so you can go to Mary’s and pay $14 for a cheeseburger that some have proclaimed the best or you can go and grab a $10 churburger (really rather excellent) but you could maybe hightail it out of the hipster enclaves, head to Leichhardt and scope out Bonarche. It might not have the social buzz (or even a decent website) but Bonarche does some of the best burgers this side of town. Actually craving one as we’re writing this up and planning a 2nd visit.

Bonarche is Richard Bond + Tracy Archer. One’s a butcher, one’s a chef (hence the tagline) See how they put it together? More info on their site:


Located at 14 Norton Street. It sits below what looks like apartments. Opposite the road from Braza Churrascaria.


Outdoor sitting


Various eats. Made by the chef and butcher.



Lots of craft beers on a easy to read board and cutlery/ketchup and water in an easy to reach stand. They also sell some stubb’s sauce.


The space isn’t big but it sits around 30 easily. The fitout is plain and to me reminiscent of Milk Bar by Cafeish (but with coloured walls).


2 sided menu. This is the burger side We had their crunchy chips, chipotle sauce and 1x bonarche burger and 1xhot chili chicken. The prices for the burger are really quite reasonable.



sauces, craft beers, ordering counter


our burgers arrived nicely wrapped in wax paper presented like the news – and with the words London on top. The fries are presented in a cute mini fryer and the portion was substantial and $4.50 easily fed 2 and it stayed crunchy the entire meal unlike other places where I did note that by the end of the meal, you did not want to eat the fries.


A look at the Bonarche. Beef, cheese, egg, beet, tomatoes, lettuce, bacon. Basically “THE LOT”. Pic doesn’t convey – well maybe it does just how big this is. Its amazing!


The Hot chilli chicken. Great value. Again huge with slices of jalapeno. Ate this without cutlery and it was fingerlicking good. Nice big chunks of chicken.


Burgers – from left. $16, $4.50, $15. The chipotle sauce was $1.50

Bonarche might be somewhat off the beaten track but its not hard to get to and it does excellent burgers. The portion size and the excellence in flavours make this a fav. Even the basket of chips was yummy to the bottom of that faux deepfryer. Richard Bond served us and was quite friendly and an easy going fella. If you want to grab a great tasting burger and want to beat the crowds, hop on down to leichhardt to check this place out.

Your belly baby will thank you. (not open mondays so check website for hours)

Thanks Prick for the headsup.

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4 Responses

  1. milkteaxx

    im lagging to behind in catching up on the food scene, too many burgers and ramens to try out! the burgers do look pretty good tho!

  2. Ben Cronin

    have been there four times got a burger once other three times either closed , unlike most other burger joints they are competing against ,or they had run out of meat for burgers , very poor planing if you are in that type of business . summation ; burgers ok availability crap not a good businss plan for sucess