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To get to the Boilerhouse Q Station Autumn Harvest Dinner out at Manly and we popped over via water Taxi and got there in about 20 minutes. The Boilerhouse Restaurant is located in the historic “Q”uarantine Station which has now been reworked into this rather fantastic Modern Australian restaurant – it’s a large volume; 2 Storied and it’s in this setting that Ross Hills and Boiler House (Chef Matt Kemp) presents their Autumn Dinner. It’s quite a sight walking in the dark and up to the complex as its this imposing looking structure – all the more so in the dark.

BoilerHouse Qstation BoilerHouse Qstation (6)BoilerHouse Qstation (4)
A glimpse around the venue. The upper floor is where all the diners sit and you can peer down into the kitchen bar area. Tonight, they’ve set up a station for Matt Kemp to do presentations – he made a pithivier and also prepped a version of the fish main. Curiously there was a possum in the rafters hiding to the one side that amused. Guests are just arriving for the dinner.

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Delicious delicious Ross Hill Wines.

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A look at the menu for the this Autumn Dinner – its a 6 coursers and the menu is created by Chef Matt Kemp.

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Bouche – Braised Duck Leg Crostillant with Beetroot. Delightfully flaky pastry with Braised Duck was a nice full flavoured bite, seasoned well and tasty.

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Starter – Jerusalem Artichoke and Chestnut Pithivier. Beautifully made, the pithivier was a nice vegetarian option with a tasty, light filling where the core ingredients were allowed to shine through.

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Baked Fillet of Palmers’ Island Mulloway with Savoy Cabbage, Smoked Pork Belly and Celeriac. A large perfectly cooked Mulloway fillet arrives and this is family style and designed for sharing. Tender, and cooked just right. Mulloway was left mostly untouched and allowed the appreciation of its natural flavours with the side salad complementing the fish.

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48 Hours Short Rib of Pasture-fed Beef, Creamed Onions, Charred Leeks and Parsnip Fondants. The 48 hour cook meant that the short rib was melt in your mouth with that familiar rich earthiness from the leeks. A real highlight of this dinner that we almost didn’t want to share.

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Throughout dinner, each course was paired with a Ross Hill wine from the Brut, to Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Cabarnet Sauvignon and then their delicious tasty Late Harvest Riesling.

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Baked Eve’s Pudding with Rum and Raising Ice Cream. As with some of the other dishes, this was served family style and what was in there were delicious stewed/baked apples with raisins. This was a home styled dessert that suited the balmy autumnal evenings.

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Chef Matt Kemp at the Demo Station

Dinner at Boiler House Qstation was a great night out to Manly. The experience of going cross the water (us innerwesties) and landing on them far shores to entering the warm confines of the restaurant was easy enough. The 6 courser dinner lasted about 3 hours and was enlivened by the cooking demonstrations and wine introductions by the Ross Hills wine family. It’s not called a winter feast for nothing. For more information on their next forthcoming dinner “Make your maker Dinner” – Check it out here. With plenty to eat and heaps of wine paired, this was a pretty good time.

BoilerHouse Qstation


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