Black Velvet Cupcakes opened on the July 24th. We chanced it one evening on our way to one of our favourite venues (Hinky Dinks) and owner Orlando was wondering what we were doing standing at the corner – we were waiting on mates but a quick convo switched us onto Black Velvet. So, the store was being put together and we had no idea what it was going to be like. Well, its a wedding/cake/biscuit/chocolate/aroma candles/diffuser/salad concept store and wait for it, its even got a cocoa lab here too. Cupcakes were morish, moist and yummy. Loved it.

They have light eats (sandwiches and salads here)

Quinoa and Kale alongside cupcakes.

A look at their range, blue velvet, black velvet, salted caramel, red velvet, happy birthday and more.

Really appealing looking fondant cakes

Fancy fancy cakes and biccies

Cupcakes for every occasion.

Latte, black velvet cupcake and their rather amazing salted caramel cupcake. We gotta say, loved the dainty crockery.

The signature Black Velvet cupcake is a triple choc yummy eat

Lemon Vodka cupcake was interesting – not boozy but nice.

Blue Velvet – so named after the blueberries but this baby had caramel, orange, creamcheese, blueberries, and chocolate in it. Bit of a pow on the taste buds.

A 70% Hot Cocoa with no sugar in it. This is from their cocoa lab. Rich.

We did mention you can get chocolates here too. Black Velvet isn’t just a cupcakery, they’re doing a lot and it all looks so nice.

Beans and Black velvet wax candles and diffusers. There’s a lot of food flavours here and the shop smells really quite nice. Its got overt food smells in the blends that they curated. Scrumptious

We bought a back and devoured these about 2 hours later.

So this is quite impressive. Orlando went from being an interior designer to starting up his own business and we were impressed. The shop was quite nice with a light airy quality and they do make their cupcakes instore daily. The cupcakes were deliciously moist; and the range of product in store means it’s a bit of a wedding/event concept powerhouse. Head up to the Darlinghurst Road and check in.
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