What can I write about Black Star Pastry that already hasn’t been covered by a bazillion blogs + write ups.

Well, its good. Actually, no; its really great.I used to live on King Street and before BSP blew up, was able to walk in (no queues ma) and grab a coffee+a slice of that cake. yes. That cake. I can write about it except you need to be stuffing it in your face now.


Pistachio Macaron.

This was before the rather fancy gaffa gallery designed stools + sporks and now BSP, almost 2-3 years later is still producing excellent pastries+hotpies. And winning awards. Queues. Constant. Well yeah; you’d want to eat here.
Chris is involved in community projects and his involvement with Gaffa led to the stools+sporks ( just want to run away with it).

A selection of their amazing eats: watermelon cake, chocolate torte, custard flan
EAT: Watermelon Cake, Chocolate Torte, Orange Blossom Cake, Flans/Custard, Eclairs (if they’re still around) and the quite good Mandarin Donuts
SAVOURY: Pies. Great. better than Pie Tin imo.
Excellent Coffee too. I had 3 coffees 1 sunday. 2 at BSP.


BSP’s really excellent chocolate eclair


Pumpkin Cake, Mandarin Donuts, Pistachio cake


I hate the seat hoggers. There’s maybe 5 places to sit? This place is so busy… So you’ve had your cake+coffee. And you think its a good idea to just sit and hog the seat for the next hour? Go to the park.


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  1. milkteaxx

    i stop by here every now and then just for some desserts! my fav is defs the watermelon cake and the salted caramel choc tart!