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Upstairs, its pared back wine bar look.

All hail the new late night drinks and eats destination. Big Poppa’s opened a couple months back and it’s a good one. A favourite that has seen us return a couple of times now. Good eats. Great times. Like Hubert before it, this is a great addition to the sydney bar and food scene. Upstairs, Big Poppa’s is more classico; an intimately lit diner that now easily packs out early. From outta their kitchen Italian Eats, Cheese, Wine, Cocktails, Pasta and across the menu, it’s delicious well priced, easily sharable and crowd pleasing. Downstairs, once it gets late – party vibes, camaraderie,  hospo fun. This is how you #keepsydneyopen and well fed til their late closing of 3am.

Big Poppa's Darlinghurst

Big Poppa’s Darlinghurst Cheese platter.

Big Poppas Darlinghurst Jugernauts
Cheese and charcuterie. Late Night Cheese and charcuterie.

Big Poppas Darlinghurst Jugernauts (8)
Burrata meets heirloom tomatoes, fig vino cotto, toasted farro with smoked sea salt. Also a go to dish here; light and easy with good crunch from the farro which added textural pop and crackle to this.

Big Poppas Darlinghurst Jugernauts (12)
Big Poppas Darlinghurst Jugernauts (15)
One of the highlights of the Big Poppa’s food menu is their excellent Hand cut Pappardelle $26 which features slow cooked ragu in it. Silken sheets of pappardelle coated with bold beefy chunks of melt in your mouth beef makes it a winner. It’s our go to and one you can get into til 3am. You can smell the Parmigiana Reggiano as they bring it table side too which really whets your appetite.

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Big Poppa’s Roman Gnocchi – Made with semolina, the Roman Gnocchi is a big disc with a somewhat crunchy shell, and served with glorious meltaway beef cheeks.

Big Poppas Darlinghurst Jugernauts (16)
Eggplant parmagiana here comes right out of the oven, with tender eggplant and a cheesiness that really delighted. Its very tasty.

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Their Chicken dish comes and its crispy, juicy and really tasty – what surprised was the kale underneath that had soaked up all the juices making them quite good eating.


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Big Poppas Darlinghurst Jugernauts (14)


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Big Poppa’s is an establishment run by Lewis Jaffrey and Jared Merlino – you’d expect nothing less than great cocktails and a fun vibe. Here, the cocktails are fun and coloured themed (possibly) – gotta be honest, we can’t quite remember the names – there’s a purple drank in there, a pineapple express (yellow), blue drank. Ex Earls Juke Joint Bobby Carey is also behind the shakers here – with 2 T25 (That’s Top 25) bartenders in the house, you’re in good hands with your cocktails.

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Big Poppas Darlinghurst Jugernauts (3)

Big Poppa’s Downstairs is a party and then some. There’s booths around the venue and their bar which is a carry over from its Hello Sailor days, dark, busy, with loud hiphop and a lot of fun. Get your date to fight through the crowd to grab you that drink (or do the smart thing and skip upstairs and order it there).  Great italian eats til 3am, cocktails, dranks and then some. A verified hit and an unreserved jugernauts favourite.

Big Poppa’s Darlinghurst

96 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst, Sydney, NSW
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