If you worked in the Sydney CBD near Galleries Victoria, you’d probably often seen guys walking around with a gigantic aluminium foil clad sandwich. Probably didn’t know where it came from and never gave it a 2nd thought. I was clued onto this by a mate working across the road and we went one time and Big Bite on Pitt, blew me away.

For $9.50, you can pick from their extended sandwich collections. Pick a filling (chili chicken/lemon chicken/roast beeef) + say white or brown. And that’s it. The ladies will get to work and quite quickly, you’ll get your monster sandwich. I read simon leong’s blog… he couldn’t finish the thing. I can but it takes a trained eater. Probably good for 2 meals.

BBP on pitt is hidden away in the arcade at 250 Pitt street. I can’t emphaise how hidden it is. I must have walked by for years until I caught on. Look into the arcade, there’s always a queue at lunchtime. Try a sandwich from there. They’re not only large on size, they’re also large on flavour. Good stuff this.


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