Best Ramen in Sydney

Best Ramen in Sydney? With the weather dropping, there’s really no better time to hit up Sydney’s Ramen joints and slurp your way into blissful savoury Umami Goodness. There’s plenty of venues to eat this signature japanese dish but this is essential. Our picks for the top spots in Sydney to hit for Ramen.

Best Ramen in Sydney - Chaco Bar

Chaco Bar’s Ramen


It’s a tiny hidey-hole of an izakaya that introduced Ramen a bit into their life cycle but Chaco Bar does incredible ramen that is available for lunch – we think it could be easily be the best in sydney so its first up on the list. They don’t do a lot of varities in the store, there’s 2 types and its well priced. What you’ll get then is a delicious rich and savoury ramen dish that calls to demolished. Great noodles, superb broth. We all know that fat is where the flavour is and at Chaco, you can opt to order your Ramen with extra fat for that flavour blast. Essential.

BEST EGGS – Gumshara Ramen

Incredibly porky, Gumshara‘s tonkotsu broth is a hearthy collagen rich one which can surprise most diners – their collagen-rich pork broth uses pork bones galore to produce a densely porky and rich broth and the result is dense, thick and gravy like. You can opt for a lighter style soup, a sign they’re aware how people have responded to their signature ramen broth. This is the one you’ll learn to love (or hate), Gumshara Ramen is for the aficinados. Gumshara Ramen in chinatown also has the best eggs in the business with their perfect eggs. Find them at the Eating World foodcourt in Chinatown. There’s also the option to get a really awesome meal here: with their rice dish where that rice broth is served as a side to a bowl of rice with a variety of toppingsĀ  – its good value filling and delicious too.


Gumshara Ramen

211/25-29 Dixon Street, Haymarket

Best Ramen in Sydney - Yasaka Ramen

Yasaka Ramen Best Ramen in Sydney

With 2 stores in Sydney – one in Neutral Bay and their OG store in chinatown. Yasaka is the all rounder Ramen joint with plenty to love. Pictured: Yasaka’s black garlic ramen dish. Delicious, expedient and well worth popping in for. Their tagline “No Ramen No Life” is catchy and a motto to live by. Also here, baos and good karage.


Yasaka Ramen
126 Liverpool St Haymarket

161-163 Military Rd, Neutral Bay


Best Ramen in Sydney – Osan Ramen

Osan Ramen - Best Ramen in Sydney

Osan Ramen

Now located where Ramen Ikkyu (now closed) used to sit in the Sussex street foodcourt, Osan ramen delivers with rich tasty soup in their Ramen that is bound to please. At Osan their broth is richly delicious and the noodles have a good bite. They did a fat thick noodle version once as a special and it was pretty incredible. One to visit.


Osan Ramen

Shop F1A, Sussex Centre Food Court, 401 Sussex Street

Ryo’s and Ryo’s Bondi

Ryo’s used to be a bit of a trip to get to housed in Crow’s Nest but now Ryo’s has since opened a new joint in Bondi Junction so fans of Ramen won’t have to travel across the bridge to get their fix. Ryo’s ramen has a plethora of great broths, nice chewy handmade noodles and excellent sides (karage is generous and tasty). We loved their dense rich chilli oil ramen.



125 Falcon St, Crows Nest

106 Ebley St, Bondi Junction

Ramen Zundo

We like Zundo and its an easily accessible joint located in World Square (Yasaka is a hop skip away too so if you’re still hungry). Well priced, firm chewy noodles with a nice rich tonkotsu and plenty of other great option. We like Ramen Zundo but a quibble that has it sitting here on the list is that we do wish their Ramen comes with an egg at the very least. Like Yasaka, Ramen Zundo is a good all rounder and one that’ll please Ramen fans.


Ramen Zundo

Shop 10.30 Ground Floor World Square, 644 George St

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Manpuku Ramen

With 2 stores in Sydney – Manupuku is located in Chatswood and Kingsford and like many on the list, they do great ramen with delicious tasty soup and great noodles. Very good stuff here.


Manpuku Ramen

226 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood 206

482 Anzac Parade, Kingsford 2032


Keen to do a Ramen Hop in the CBD? Hit: OSAN, Gumshara, Zundo and Yasaka – they’re all located in close proximity of each other.

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