From the little guys that could; Belly Bao who specialise in the ‘Gua Bao’ –  a soft taco-shaped steamed bun filled with yummy eats. Belly Bao have been stalwart Paddo Market stall holders and now they’ve set up shop at Good god at 53 Liverpool Street in the City. With a commercial kitchen comes new eats – there’s some rather mouth watering fried chicken to deep fried Bao desserts here.

Belly Bao Goodgod (16)
Belly Bao Goodgod (13)
Down the stairs you go.

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A look across Goodgod with Belly Bao resident. The venue remains largely the same – although the light levels were much better tonight compared to our last visit. Belly Bao did a busy first day of trade with buns flying out the door.

Belly Bao Goodgod Chinatown(1)
A look at the Belly Bao Menu – lots of good eats. They’re introducing 3 new Baos; the Softshell Crab, the slow braised Beef and the slow braised Pork Belly. Alongside that are new salads and their dessert Baos.

Belly Bao Goodgod (2)
If you like heat on your eat, they’ve brought sriracha to the party.

Belly Bao Goodgod (11)
Their Crispy Pork Crackling Baos is a popular choice. The addition of the crackling makes these baos.

Belly Bao Goodgod (10)
Tofu Bao (L) is a steaming hot bao with a piece of fried tofu and aromats. The sauce has a kick and it’s a yummy eat.

Belly Bao Goodgod (7)
Also on the menu – hot sweet potato fries and a variety of sides

Belly Bao Goodgod (4)
Belly Bao Goodgod (6)
Belly Bao Goodgod (12)
(L) The Belly Bao Chicken is a decidedly impressive sight; especially the whole bird which is a mound of delicious hot chicken easily good for 2-3. (R) is a dazzling array of their new Braised pork buns. We loved this. gooey and yummy.

Belly Bao Goodgod (9)
Strawbelly Bao – Belly Bao’s deepfired Bao encases a slab of vanilla icecream; strawberries and lashing of condensed milk. There’s also a Baonana dessert Bao on offer.

There’s a lot to like here; we fancied the repurposing of the goodgod dining space and thought it was great that luminance within Goodgod is better (being able to see your food is a plus). The menu ticks all the boxes for a good eat. Steamed Baos are well priced (all menu items $6.50 except for the softshell crab which was $7.50) and the fried chicken serves were gloriously large and impressive. Now trading Wednesdays to Saturdays. Good god its Belly good.

Since Launch, Belly Bao has introduced a Belly Baoger – a fantastic fusion burger (Post Here) – Menu Pic below is from October 2015 and Belly Bao (@bellybao on instagram) is making as many of these burgers as they can make them. Double Baoger all the way baby!

Belly Bao Chinatown (2)

Belly Bao Chinatown (4)

Belly Bao Chinatown (3)

Ever Tasty Sweet Potato Fries and Belly Bao baos. We’re particularly fond of pork belly so the pork belly one is a constant fav.

Belly Bao Chinatown (1)

Belly Baoger

We’ve had the Belly Baoger so so many times over the months since they’ve introduced the Baoger and we gotta say it does deserve its spot in our best burgers in Sydney feature.

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      they sold out yesterday around 7pm so you gotta get in early!