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Belly Bao at Goodgod is a not-so-secret favourite of ours; from Wednesday to Saturdays, the crew kicks off their bao-shop under goodgod. Previously visited Belly Bao does delicious Gua Baos, sweet potato fries, fried chicken and more. We popped in again for their interestingly fusiony baogers – these things can go two ways – good or bad and they surpassed our expectations. Belly Bao’s Baogers are some of the best burgers in Sydney and its currently only a Thursday only special too.
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$10 bucks for a Baoger. (Edit now $12 and $3 for an extra patty)

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Ready to go. We wondered about the bun when we’d seen pics. Its a bit strange looking using the bao base to make buns.

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A double belly baoger and this sits an a very affordable $15 bucks ($12+3). So what’s the baoger like? The bun is somewhat chewy, firm and toasted before the meat,cheese, radish and lettuce combo is added. It’s a tasty eating burger and seriously one of the top burgers in sydney. Richly morish and tasty with medium rare beef that is well seasoned. Good crunch from the radish too. Its up there with the burgers from Pub Life, MisterGee and Barrio. It’s a burger you want to eat again, and then you realise – ah damn, 1 week wait til you can revisit. It’s a bit of an umami bomb in your mouth.

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When in Belly Bao, its hard to resist their BBC (Belly Bao Chicken). Crispy – we opted for the spicy iteration and its a good feed. Their batter’s pretty good and some of the best crispy fried chicken in town. Tasty.

Belly Baoger - Bellybao Goodgod (3)

The Baoger is a Thursday Special and its one we highly recommend. There’s plenty to like at Belly Bao. Its tasty asian street eats in a dance hall. Oops we accidentally a burger.

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Belly Bao

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