As part of Sydney Craft Beer Week – The Welcome Hotel located in Rozelle plays host to the rather amazing BeerMimicsFood(2) Event. Australia’s most innovative beer fest goes national and we get to try the brews here. This event is all about the unlimited flavour potentials of beers and its one to try next year as some of the beer/food pairing were pretty novel and we gotta say, this was a great one off. Awesome beers, crowd and eats.


A look at the welcome from the street side. Its recently renovated and a nice local in Rozelle.

Regs at the Welcome Hotel. The front room is classic pub

Packed full of beer people, craft brewers and beer VIPs.


Welcome is quite a large pub – this is the 2nd courtyard and this one has an operable louvered roof over.


The main courtyard out the back where BMF2 is taking place.

Here’s a look at the menu for today. Note how if you work your way down the list, the beers increase in potency. Dennis Beer Co’s is a nice 8%. Good times. Drink you way down or drink your way up?




Beers 1+2 (The one on the right – Poh from masterchef was involved in) – The barfundlebeermimicsfood-3

Ribs to go with the babyback ribs. You can just make up the cascara that I picked up – they used this for 4pines’ coffee beer.


Beers – 6+9 banana and espresso and lets get ready to crumble. Both delightful when you combo the beers with the desserts. Its hard to describe flavours but I guess the only thing left to say is that it complements fantastically and was melded.beermimicsfood-18

Prepping eats. There were a few kiosks here today where you could grab bites from.



Sandwich, potato pancakey eats and kimchi pancakes.


Lemon Meringue Tart for the Lemon Meringue beerbeermimicsfood-16

#jugfav tonight. The kimchi beer with kimchi pancakes “The Amuse-ing Monk kimchi Saison” from Monk Brewery and Hadleigh Troy was just special. Umami and delicious. Beer? Delicious? This was nice!


5,6,7 It’s getting confusing! Beers get stronger as you work down the list. And they’re getting a better too.


Here’s a look at the descriptors for some of the beers.


Beer. This is the ‘Italian Job’ and its the best thing here tonight. and yes, even better than that kimchi beer.




Some sort of risotto. I think we were meant to eat this with Poh’s beer but we ate it before.


The Welcome is packed with beer aficionados.


Liam from Welcome Hotel, lads from 4 pines and the lads from Dennis Beer Co.beermimicsfood-23

Guy in the middle was a hoot. Kind of gone but just hanging on. Funny as. With the 4 pines beer VIP. Manly based brewers.


Great event. Packed and really social. Checked out that tower of cups as we work our way down the list.


Dennis Beer Co guys. Their beers have a galaxy/space bent. and they did the rich dark and rather hoppy ‘Italian Job’ today. A favourite amongst a lot of the patrons.


Crowds hanging out in the courtyard.

By the time you read this, Sydney Craft Beerweek is over but this event is one to keep on the calender for next year. Jugs+Co will be back – interesting beers, great company and a lovely afternoon out at Welcome. The variety of beers here was diverse. A few were pretty special and uncommon but the takeaway from this event really was how versatile beer is.  The real winners – kimchi, italian job, espresso/bananabread, lemon meringue and crumble all paired fantastically with the bites you had with them. And as standalone brews, were also just great drinking. Its quite exciting to see craft breweries and food people pair up and make these collabs which just made for a fun arvo out. Beer Mimics Food 3. Bring that on. See you guys next year. Info/Bios and link here
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