That’s what The Baxter Inn s all about and its quite impressive really. Located at 156 Clarence Street, TBI is accessible during the earlier hours from the front side door although once it gets later, you have to enter from the back – so you’d have to walk down the alley to access. Once inside, TBI is a rather dark affair – dimly lit. There’s just enough light so you don’t crash into things but it is very dark and has (again) a prohibiton styled saloon feel. It is after all owned by the same guys who run Shady Pines but this is the mature version of TSP with a different focus. This is the OG version of the speakeasy dive; a space/feel that heavily influenced Palmers+Co.

That is one impressive whisky masterlist.



Whisky on the Rocks



can”t remember what this was but its like the chalice from the 3rd Indy flick.



Tom Collins

Complimentary Pretzels

The Baxter Inn is a great place to come after work for a couple of drinks. Per the norm, beers are around $8. Cocktails are $17.  Well worth a visit just to gawk at the amount and variety of whisky on display in here. Be sure to check out their other venues.




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