Barzaari Marrickville

This stretch of Addison Road will be a familiar to many an Innerwestie who have pilgrimaged to the Addison Road Organic Markets every Saturday. A bit of a foodie wasteland, it is now home to the Middle-eastern and Greek foods of Chef Darryl Martin (ex-quay). Taking over the spot of an old convenience store, the new restaurant is a bit of a marvel – with exposed brick walls and a rustic wood, burnished steel feel. Overlooking the large communal table inside (today filled with a large party of about 16) is a mural of the 4 seasons. It’s polished and confident looking. With Cypriot food that takes on both middle eastern and greek eats, Barzaari pleased with an array of dishes that wowed.



The Four Seasons at Barzaari


nigella bread- labne, basil oil, kabees el lift, pistachio, pomegranate $10


spencer gulf wood fired prawns- good chili, skordalia, dukkah


lamb breast- cracked spices, sheep’s yoghurt, red pepper $15

Entrees and small

Nigella Bread arrives with a large crispy nigella crisp that sits alongside an island of labne that has been lovingly piped into small tear shaped droplets on the plate. Its an impressive and beautiful dish that impressed on sight and delivered with tart freshness. Wood Fried Prawns comes crispy on a bed of skordalia – a savoury, salty garlic potato mash. The prawns are juicy and a delight to get into with the savouriness of the skordalia working well with the rich mash. Lamb Breast makes a surprise appearance in the form of a cigar, with a crispy pastry casing, flavoursome filling and some tasty dipping yoghurt.

Mains and Sides



pork neck, crackle, fennel, pita $33


The mains part of our meal consists of 3 sides and 2 mains and it should be noted how substantial and generous Barzaari’s portions are. Each side, a substantial serve – from the couscous, tomatoes to kipfler potatoes; there was more then plenty and tasty complements. Pork Neck is an aromatic kebab styled eat, where you pull apart the pita and layer it on your plate for a sort of kebab roll with the pita bread. Cooked over their wood fired pit, it is boldly flavoured with a good char. It should be noted that their pita comes fresh out of their woodfired oven and is unlike most you’ve likely to have had, soft and wonderful. Octopus is charred, perfectly cooked and a delightly play of taste and smokey meaty flavours and a savoury fishiness from the sauce underneath.



pistachio cake- kitromilo, blossom, kataif $14



baklava- quince Ice cream $20

A ridiculously large serve of baklava – this could easily feed 4 lands on our table. Quince ice cream is beautiful smooth and sweet with that quince plum notes. Baklava, heavy with walnuts and pistachios drenched in syrup and with crispy pastry a treat. The beautifully presented Pistachio Cake arrives hidden underneath a cripsy Katifi top laced with pistachios and powdered sugar. Cracking the shell, you get to a soaked pistachio cake that is pretty sublime with that distinctive middle eastern notes of orange blossom.

Barzaari is a no mirage. This is fantastic food that is both earthy, hardy and transcendental. Buzzy, popular with amazing food. Essential.

Barzaari Marrickville
65 Addison Road, Marrickville, Sydney

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