Barrio Chino Potts Point

Barrio Chino has our favourite burger in all of Sydney. Their Beef Tortas are outstandingly good. That said, this bayswater road is actually a Mexican Taqueria and Tequila joint and its a popular one that packs out in the evenings so if you’re going want to spend time here, book yourself a table or booth. We quite enjoy Barrio Chino – there’s a good energy and vibe here and we’ve had plenty of good nights here. Its got magaritas by the jugs, plenty of good eats, a good buzzy vibe and again, them burgers.

Tequila Clase Azul - Barrio Chino (5)

Barrio Chino’s front bar is well stocked with Tequilas and Mezcals. Them Clase Azul is premo.

Tequila Clase Azul - Barrio Chino (10)

Round the back, there’s various booth and ample seating.

Barrio Chino Kings Cross (6)

Herradura Tequila had a display the one time we popped in. Cinco De Mayo at Barrio Chino.

Barrio Chino Kings Cross (12)

Pork Quesadillas. Nicely toasted. Very tasty with that salsa verde on the plate.

Barrio Chino Kings Cross (11)

Tacos. Their tacos are pretty popular and you’ll find the venue packed out.

Barrio Chino Kings Cross (10)

Magaritas are always a good time and they make great ones at Barrio Chino

Now let’s have a look at the best burgers in Sydney.

Available at Barrio Chino are their “beef tortas” – effectively a burger or a mexican sandwich. We popped in one evening to check out Barrio’s burgers and this was during a period where we ate heaps of burgers and they still managed to wow. We’ve since had them again and yes, they’re pretty special.

Barrio Chino Kings Cross (1)

(L) Single (R) double Beef Torta with chips with ancho dressing. There’s also a serving tray containing ketchup and a spicy chipotle sauce.

Barrio Chino Kings Cross (2)

Its a juicy juicy burger, our burgers arrived and looked nice with pillowy soft buns (milk buns?)

Barrio Chino Kings Cross (13)

Barrio Chino Kings Cross (9)

Barrio Chino Kings Cross (7)

The Barrio Chino Burger is a peculiar one, its got some heat in it (jalapenos), there’s a whiff of basil when you bite into it (which made us stop a little to smell the burger) and that comboed with the texture of the hot melting hot beef and soft buns made for an interesting burger unlike just any other. There’s a distinctive umami quality in this and the heat and smell of it made it something else all together. Talking anything up as “BEST OF” is bound to let some people down but we’ve sent a fair few people this way and they’ve walked up grinning and testifying. Best burger in town, at the non burger joint. Fancy that. We like Barrio Chino. Plenty of reasons to visit.

Barrio Chino

30 Bayswater Rd Potts Point, NSW 2011

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