Faced with the changing demographics and landscape of kings cross and potts point following the lockout law. Barrio Chino – the long running Mexican Taqueria and tequila joint closed in a rowdy night of last drinks this past 17th April. With a quick lick of paint, Barrio Chino has undergone a rapid transformation to its new configuration; Owners Peter Lew and Nicole Galloway has opted to run a new venue in the premise; their burger joint Barrio Burger. The menu here highlights their classic Barrio Burger which is on our top burger list and also showcasing new classics and specials.

Barrio Burgers Potts Point Kings Cross (1)
Barrio Burgers Potts Point Kings Cross (8)
Barrio Burgers Potts Point Kings Cross (7)

The impressive Barrio Chino backbar and its impressive array of tequilas is a thing of the past and in its stead, a simple wall with bar retained. Here now at Barrio Burgers, you can pick from a range of bevvies and their new burger menu. There is however Tecate and Frozen Magaritas here hinting at the legacy of the former venue.

Barrio Burgers (2)

Cheeseburger and Double Cheeseburger

Barrio Burgers (3)

Double Cheeseburger

Barrio Burgers (1)


Barrio Burgers Potts Point Kings Cross (6)

Barrio’s Fatboy Chicken

Barrio Burgers Potts Point Kings Cross (4)

Sweet Baby Blues with dulche de Leche and Blue Cheese

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Barrio Fries. There’s everything in there. Sweet Potato, Tater Totes, grated cheese, bacon and both normal and curly fries. It’s a regular friesstravaganza!

Barrio Burgers Potts Point Kings Cross (3)

Churros Bites with Dulche de Leche

Yes, Barrio Burger is now in residence at 30 Bayswater Road and what you’re getting here is burgers and burgers with a split americana/mexicana influence. There’s classics: Cheeseburger, Bacon Cheeseburgers, and their signature Hamburgeresa (which we adore) is now simply called a Barrio Burger here. From the new menu, their Fatboy chicken Burger had double patties; is sizable with a tangy sauce. Rather pleasing and chook burger fans will be satieated. The Sweet Baby Blues is from their Burgerpalooza event and a special with a curious mix of blue cheese and dulche de Leche adding an umami sweetness/savouriness to the burger.

Their new fries – we opted for the everything option is a savoury and fun eat. There’s heaps to pick from and fans of well, every iteration of the frozen spud will appreciate not having to order more than 1 portion. Slathered with a tangy sauce, the fries made for a well portioned and easily shareable side. Churros Bites from the dessert side is a  pleasurable mound of crispy mini churos and oozy sweet Dulche de Leche. Its not one you’d want to share but you should.

All the good eats best enjoyed with a cold bevvie. Up next… You’re guilty?!

Barrio Burgers

30 Bayswater Road,Potts Point,